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Orange County Agent Reboot: Twitter with Katie Lance

What is Agent Reboot

An event that is held in the summer to help inform real estate agents to learn the best marketing techniques and how to best utilize technology that is available today to be the best agent you can.

The first speaker at Agent Reboot was Kaite Lance with Inman. Katie is Inman social media director and knows how to use twitter to help your real estate business in a direct way.

The following are Katie’s do’s and dont’s for using Twitter.

Follow Katie on Twitter to stay up to date, and keep taking advantage of her substantial amount of knowledge on social media.

Advantages of using Twitter for your Business

Does Twitter matter? YES!! Why?
  1. Engagement – Interact with your followers, ask them about your business, share pictures, videos, news, etc…
  2. Amplification – Twitter gives you the ability to communicate to unlimited amount of people instantaneously (build your audience, reach new and old customers)
  3. Genuine – Your followers know the information is coming directly from you, not a third party or proxy
The following is what you want to avoid doing when your trying to engage your audience and or customers following your Twitter handle.


  • Tweet irrelevant or stupid content
  • Tweeting listings
  • Constant self promotion
  • Spam
  • Auto messages
  • Not responding to messages (no tweet left behind!)

Take advantage of everything Twitter has to offer.

Best kept Twitter secrets:

  • Finding people local to you:
  • Search by keywords and location
  • Search for people talking about your community
  • Managing Twitter: (schedule tweets, save searches)

How to get more followers:

  • Follow first
  • Tweet often
  • Be generous
  • Pay attention
  • Be consistent

Are you new to social media? Take advantage of everything social media has to offer today! Call Cal Coast Web Design we have a social media package that will set up your business to take full advantage of social media.