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Shared Hosting Solutions

Hosting Flexibility

Our team has decades of experience with hosts. We’re happy to see if we can work with your preferred host. Including but not limited to:

Hosting Upgrade

If you’re looking for our current tested and approved server with the most value and greatest savings, we offer shared hosting solutions as a reseller.

Features and Benefits Overview

Ultra Fast Servers with Server side caching.

Site speed can greatly influence both your search engine visibility and your website’s conversion rates. These are important factors if you want your site to be successful and generate revenue for your business. That’s why we take advantage of and develop in-house technologies that make our sites run faster!

Site Speed and Performance 

  • Google cloud with SSD-persistent storage and ultra-fast network
  • NGINX Direct Delivery enabled for all sites
  • Free CDN option for all sites
  • Unlimited image compression and dynamically optimized images served (image compression services charge on a credit basis)
  • Multiple software solutions at server level: HTTP/2, Memcached, additional PHP optimization through OPCache extension, and more.

Limitations and Restrictions

There may be an instance when a site with significant traffic and usage of server resources will incur additional fees. Your site may take away from other customers and we will need to allocate more resources for your account. This is rare. Less than 1% of our clients require this level of hosting requirements. Cost will depend on site traffic.

Note: You shouldn’t need to worry about this fee until you see significant load on your site at 30k-75k visits/month, 15gb of storage, and 125GB of Bandwidth/month. This added server support starts at $59/mo.

  • Set Up Fee $50-99

    ...waived for Security & Maintenance yearly subscribers.

  • A la Carte Pricing $49/mo

    ...should your Security & Maintenance expire.

  • 1-Time Transfer Fee $129 transfer to another host should you cancel services.

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