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Amy Hardy
Amy HardyHardy's Lucky Horseshoe
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I contacted Angela at CalCoast Web Designs to help me create an launch a website for my nonprofit organization a few years ago. Her professionalism, quick and thorough communication and thought provoking questions for me as a business owner, made her services so valuable to me! Angela and her team have great attention to detail and great customer service. I’ve been very happy with the service I have been provided in addition to forming a new friendship as well. Thank you CalCoast Web Designs for making me look so good!!
Ana Dolopo
Ana DolopoElements in Harmony Acupuncture
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The Cal Coast Web Design team is world class. They are quick with responding to any inquiries and they take care of all issues no matter what it takes. Their rates are very reasonable and they are leaders in their industry. I highly recommend Cal Coast Web Design for all of your website needs!
Judy Flores
Judy FloresNipomo Orange County Organizing Services​
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I am booked up the rest of the month thanks to Cal Coast Web Design! Thank you guys for everything!​
Cal Coast Web Design has been instrumental in taking my business to the next level. I have been working with them for over two years now and my experience has been just excellent. It's always a little scary to throw a bunch of money down on your business, but I knew in my gut that the new website was something I needed to do. I couldn't have made a better choice. My business is sky rocketing now. Angela and I have discussed marketing strategy and I don't need it - LOL - I'm too busy! The new website alone is getting me more business than I need right now. A note about Angela: Angela is patient, reasonable, a good listener and a fabulous strategist. She also understands how to reason with a stubborn business owner (me!). I'm not the expert and she is but she never once made me feel like an idiot, instead she would always listen and hear my wants and needs and reason with me. In the end I would almost always let her expertise rule my amateurish wants and now I'm SO GLAD I listened because everything she said turned out to be the right choice. She has so much patience and filled with positivity. She is also very prompt at returning emails and communicating. Its a time commitment to create a beautiful website for the business owner too because I had to find all the right content (photos, writing) make color choices etc and I was very diligent (because I'm a perfectionist) and Angela never wavered. She was right there steady and present when I wanted to change my photoshop background from "teal" to "mint". LOL! I love my website. Angela is with me for life.
I would like to thank everyone at Cal Coast Web Design for creating our new website.I speak for everyone here at Sea View Pediatrics when I say Cal Coast Web Design did a fabulous job. We love it! I would also like to thank Angela, who was there for me every step of the way throughout the design process. Through all of my challenges, she was always available to answer questions and offered her assistance above and beyond what most would give. I really do appreciate her time and efforts. I would recommend Cal Coast Web Design to anyone who is looking to build or rebuild a website. They are very professional and know exactly what they are doing. They also offer one-on-one training so that you will be able to manage and make changes to your website once it is completed. Thank you, again, Cal Coast Web Design.
Dawn Lefante
Sea View Pediatrics
Cal Coast Web Design has done a terrific job of optimizing my company’s website for the search engines. They have helped to take our business to the next level. We now regularly get leads from people searching for our business online. Cal Coast has taken the time to get to know our needs and created a plan to help us reach our goals. I highly recommend the team at Cal Coast Web Design.
I am so happy with my beautiful website! Thank you Angela and Cal Coast Web Design for such an exquisite website for my Home Decor business. Your creativity shines through on every page and that is so important to me as a designer. I love my logo, the incredible use of color and the great layout. My photos seem to pop off of the page showing in detail what we can do for our customers! Your SEO strategies place me right on top for my industry. Thank you for your great customer service and for teaching so much about marketing my company in such a beautiful way!
Mary Jayne Barnett
ReVamp Your Home – Orange County Interior Design
I just wanted to say thank you for all of the work that you do on my blog site every month, I know you guys put alot of effort into it and I just want to express my appreciation for your work. Thank You so much. 🙂 Chic-fil-a in Aliso Viejo in called me for service because they found my site and called me. Thank you.
Cal Coast provided fantastic, professional one on one service. I am a foreigner to the knowledge it takes to build a website; therefore, Angela communicated with all parties involved in having my website up and running in an extremely timely manner. The process never took away from my productivity time nor did it hinder my work load. Thank you!
Tara Spence, REMAX Real Estate
Redding Real Estate & Shasta County Real Estate
Thanks so much for your expert and honest opinion. I believe the customized approach is the way to go. I have been using constant contacts templates and now need better quality. I forgot to mention. I cancelled my membership with the Website Pros. Of course it was a process and they tried to convince me otherwise. They even went as far to say the SEO (you guys) I m working with is not doing me any good. I just want to thank you for your honesty and ethics. Not one time did you bad mouth their business even though you knew otherwise. It is genuine people like you (the whole cal coast family) I enjoy working with. Thank you again for all that you do.
Eric Johannsen
Orange County Personal Trainer
Hey I got my first customer call from a search engine today!!!! She told me she put orange county computer training in MSN and I was in the top five. You rock!!!
I could not thank Cal Coast Web Design enough for the optimizing and continuing care of my impressive website. With such a highly involved page intact, my business closed a solid eight deals last year via the web! It’s safe to say that the numerous Internet transactions accumulated well over $4.8 million in sales. My customers are certainly pleased with how effortless the navigation is within my site, and with your SEO assistance my page has maintained high prestige. Thank you guys so much for incorporating my print marketing into my website all the while continuing to add creative adlibs to draw in even more virtual customers. It has been a pleasure working with such a proactive and user-friendly company. You guys truly are what every business needs!
Hugh Kice
Metro Realty – Laguna Niguel Real Estate & Dana Point Homes
I have had my law firm in Orange County for almost twenty years, and when it came to social media I trusted Angie Weeks and Cal Coast. Angie and Angela take amazing care of my firm, and truly understand how important time is. One meeting with Angie and you will understand why she is at the top of her game. Cal Coast is a smart choice, proud to be a client!
I strongly recommend working with Cal Coast Web Design. I have worked with them on two seperate projects and had a phenomenal experience both times. The first time they helped me, they took a simple vision I developed in graduate school and susccessfully translated that into an online platform that was simplistic enough for a novice like me to update and manage moving forward. The one on one time I had during the development really enlightened me to the world of web design and that expereince has proven invaulable as I have been able to use those skills on my own for future projects. Later I reached out to Cal Coast Web Design to assist the Pasadena based CM/PM/Engineering Firm I worked at in modernizing their website. Both owners of Cal Coast Web Design met with my firm several times and were directly invovled in overseeing the process and the the deliverables. I was the point of contact for firm during this process and was continaully impressed in how responsive and attentive they were to our requests and feedback. The final update cleverly used infographics and perfectly protrayed the services and industries we were targeting. Additionally, they developed a SEO plan which was strategically implemented and were able to provide us with analytics to should directly how the website modernization and optimization efforts improved our website traffic and ultimately increased our contract volume. If you want to feel heard and like you are working with professionals who care just as much about the project as you do, work with Cal Coast Web Design.
Cody Briggs
Civil Engineer
The website is looking awesome. You did a wonderful job putting my thoughts, pictures and vision into a website I can be proud of.. and it’s only going to get better. I like the colors, backgrounds and fonts that you used. We make a good team. Great vision…wonderful execution.
Sean A. Kamborian
Southern California Motocross
You are still holding us in Google’s #1 position. Thanks! Great Job!!
Bob O’Brien
Tustin Real Estate & Tustin Ranch Homes For Sale
You just have to meet with Angie and the Cal Coast team to realize how professional and personable they are. They have now helped several of my clients climb to the top of the search engine results and increase their business.
Maurice N
Thanks to all of your talent and to you sharing and helping me by teaching me, my site is coming up tops on SE for phrases like outdoor wildlife prints! .. And more! Its amazing! I used to have to say wisconsin in there somewhere and not anymore! I come up with the hottest sites in Nature and wildlife! Thank YOU!
Kristen Westlake
Wildlife Photography& Nature Photography
Cal Coast Design has been instrumental in my Real Estate success by ensuring my website and online marketing were top notch. Cal Coast helped set my site up for proper search engine placement. She also helped lay my site out so that it was easy to use. Combining technical layout with ease of use for the end client is not an easy task, but Cal Coast really stepped up. Angie gets things done for me anytime I need. Quickly too I might add. Angie always gives me great service. I must say she is one of the easiest people to work with as well. If you have clients looking for assistance with there website, I wouldn’t trust anyone else for the job. Cal Coast’s professionalism is second to none!
JP Blake
Southern California Real Estate Listings
Thank you for helping to build me a custom template that matches my new Hobbs/Herder theme! With your monthly SEO help my website gets top rankings for Laguna Niguel Real estate, Laguna Niguel Property, Laguna Niguel Homes for sale, and many other phrases which bring the buyers and sellers directly to me. Thanks!!
Brad Coleman
Orange County Luxury Real Estate
I just wanted to thank you and Cal Coast Web Design for all your hard work on We’ve been working together 5 years now, and our site stays on page one of Google for “Orange County Real Estate” every single month. Even after Katrina and other crazy Google dances, you help me figure out how to keep a competitive edge. As a small boutique company it does wonders for our business to beat out major Real Estate corporations for such a competitive phrase. In addition, our site has won major awards like “most user friendly website” AND “best lead generating website” with your help. Your Search Engine Optimization and service are second to none. Metro is very thankful to have you on our team and we will continue to recommend your services to our new agents.
Darrell Pash
Orange County Real Estate – Metro Estates
THANK YOU AGAIN for all your hard work. I trust ONLY YOU GUYS! I wouldn’t even think of doing something WITHOUT YOUR GUIDANCE. I feel fortunate to have you and always refer you to ANYONE that wants to know who to hire to assist them with their web page. YOU ARE THE BEST!
Deedee Sive
Huntington Beach Real Estate & Newport Beach Homes
Cal Coast Web Design has been customizing my website for several years now, and I am constantly pleased with their creativity and service. From design, to search engine optimization, to consulting, Cal Coast has helped my site continually evolve and maintain high numbers and standards, and most important-drive more traffic and better serve my clients and potential clients.
Shell Pavlis
Foothill Ranch Real Estate
Thanks so much for doing such a great job not only designing my website but optimizing it as well. Being amongst the masses of photographers in O.C., it is not easy to be at the top of the heap. You have all done a great job getting me seen on the web. Each week now I get a quote request from someone regarding different types of photography needs. It is great. My friendly competitors ask me how I do it and I tell them it is my web designer. They have all been in business much longer than I have so it is a real feather in my cap. Thanks so much for the wonderful service. You are the best.
Carol Bridges
Photographer – Treasured Moments Photography
This thing rules! I knew you were a genius, but this is amazing!
Mark Bock
I met Angela while attending a training course last month. She sat by me and offered her assistance, while I struggled through the class. She was SOOOO nice to me! I just got this feeling like, “She’s SO nice, AND she’s real…..I like her and she seems trustworthy ….” Then that led to “I need to look into Cal Coast doing my web site for me”. She really was awesome! I’ve been a sales person for 20+ years. I know what it is like… the challenge of growing your client base as well as retaining your clientele. And the personalities you have to deal with!!!!! I know the personality that it takes to schmooze. Sometimes it is THE most difficult thing to do; you just don’t mesh. Other times you just click with your customer. I was really drawn in with both of you ladies. You both make people feel comfortable with your similar personalities and in simply offering a true customer service experience. I am looking forward to a long and prosperous business relationship!
Kimberly Hertel
Palm Springs Real Estate
We are in the Escapes-Simple Houses in Grand Settings in today’s Escape section of NY Times. Bethany Lyttle Googled and found this listing, she asked to include it in this weeks article in the Escapes section of the NY Times. Another example of the results we’re getting from your good work!
Cathy and Dale Barsness
Trophy Real Estate – Duck Creek, Utah
Have been working with Cal Coast Web Design for years now and absolutely love them. They are very knowledgeable, and can do most anything. They are easy to get a hold of and have given us good advise on how to rev-up our site. I would highly recommend them!
Suzi Busacco
Paso Robles Real Estate
I just wanted to post this awesome testimonial for all those people that have a beautiful site with no business coming from their site. When you started working on this a few months ago, I was pretty excited as I had not had one hit of biz since putting up my site two years ago. I have had numerous calls and orders but the latest two will be over $4,000 dollars!!! Thank you soooooooooooooo much!
Big Red Hund
Digital Photo Conversion & DVD Duplication Services

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Cal Coast Web Design has done a terrific job of optimizing my company’s website for the search engines. They have helped to take our business to the next level. We now regularly get leads from people searching for our business online. Cal Coast has taken the time to get to know our needs and created a plan to help us reach our goals. I highly recommend the team at Cal Coast Web Design.
I just had to share the great news that I received 2 calls from potential clients this week that found me online! Okay…that may not sound like a lot but prior to starting the SEO campaign, I received 1 phone call the entire year (sad face). I am confident that the optimization is already starting to take effect. Thank you for the service that you provide and for all your support.
Cal Coast provided fantastic, professional one on one service. I am a foreigner to the knowledge it takes to build a website; therefore, Angela communicated with all parties involved in having my website up and running in an extremely timely manner. The process never took away from my productivity time nor did it hinder my work load. Thank you!