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Website Analysis

Your Custom Website Audit Report Includes

The first step in any project is finding out where you stand and what you need to do to solve a problem.

In our case, the ‘problem’ is usually not a problem at all, but just an old or out of date website! However, we still need to analyze what you want and how to do get it done.

The 1st step in beating your competition online is discovering your own site weaknesses and immediate needs.

Google does a lot of behind-the-scenes work in deciding who sees your website and why. A lot of these things aren’t explained clearly outside of industry experts, because it takes a lot of work to find the patterns that they use. For example, Google likes websites that are:

  1. Fast to load on all devices. This means desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets.
  2. Relevant. Websites should have clearly defined pages without a ton of fluff text just to throw keywords in.
  3. Centered around media. Pictures and videos are great.
  4. Interesting! The longer you get people to stay on your website, on average, the more Google Analytics favors its ranking.
  5. Connected. Websites that link to other well-liked, relevant sites tend to be ranked higher than those that try to stand on their own entirely.

When we start a project with a client, we try to keep all of these things in mind along with your requirements for whatever website you might want. We love getting high rankings on Google, because that means your business gets seen more often. The more you’re seen, the more business gets driven. It’s a win-win for everyone!

One of our dedicated project managers and marketing specialists will take 6-10 hours to review your site, your competition, and your industry resources. With implementation of our recommendations, you can see your website jump up several ranks on Google results for your chosen keywords and terms! Small differences add up quickly, and Google’s algorithms tend to snowball a website’s popularity. To put it simply, once you start getting people to view your website, the returns can be exponential if all goes well.


Do you need to work with us? What comes with this checklist and review?

What you get when you get an analysis:

  • A website checklist that you can take anywhere, you don’t have to work with CCWD.
  • A list of improvements and upgrades your website could use.
  • A personal, hands on meeting with a marketing expert, if you so desire.
  • An analytical report of your website.
  • A video explaining the checklist and analysis report.

We’re happy to review your website with you, even if you ultimately decide that your business is better served by someone else. There’s no long term contract, no commitments, and we even have hourly or a la carte packages if you want to try and do some of the work elsewhere or even by yourself! You can’t afford to not get these details about how you’re missing on thousands in marketing opportunities.

SEO Analysis – SEO Report

Is your SEO campaign making little to no progress? Or even worse, do you not have a written, calculated, SEO campaign in place??? Cal Coast is here put you on the right track. Let us do a full analysis and create a customized comprehensive SEO report to put your website on the path to online success! Our action plans offer GUARANTEED organic rankings. It’s that easy!

Trustworthy & Affordable SEO Analysis

Our extensive internet marketing analysis will review your current SEO campaign and identify any missed opportunities.  Many business owners aren’t sure what to look for, so let our 15 years of expertise with Internet marketing be your trusted guide!

Report Suggestions Include

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