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Email Marketing Tips from the Inman Webinar

Email Marketing Made Easy

Hi everyone!

Today we sat in on a webinar with Inman about email marketing (#25emailtips), and some of the do’s and don’ts.  Inman is a real estate focused company, however, these tips can be molded to any type of business model.  Cal Coast is constantly getting asked about email campaigns and the best strategies, so here are some tips and suggestions to make your email campaigns more effective!

  1. Email is longest lasting and most private social networkMailchimp is a good email marketing company if you would like to get started for low cost and high quality.
  2. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday emails have the best open rates.
  3. 2-4 pm send times have the best open rates.  People actually open when works slows down and after lunch.  In the morning they usually just delete.
  4. Average email open rate is 18%.  You have a 4% better open rate if you send that email through a social network by tagging, etc.
  5. Emails should come from YOU.  Don’t put just a company or generic signature.
  6. 1st emails have a 25% open rate.  4th email has a 5% open rate.  ABG – Always Be Growing your email list so the funnel is consistently sending to the newer people and you have more opens.
  7. Chop up your database.  Segment segment segment for the best response.
  8. Link to VIDEOS (25% clickthrough!) and BLOGS.  Consumers like to click and watch or read more.
  9. Text links outperform buttons.  Only use buttons for special promotions because readers become numb to regular buttons.
  10. More links = more clickthroughs.  This decreases remove requests as well because there is usually a little something for everyone.
  11. Subject lines that work for replies:  Did I drop the ball?  How’s the search going?  Did you get my message?  Have headlines that say I care, I’m here, I didn’t forget about you.
  12. Focus on relationship conversion.  Be valuable, be relevant.
  13. – search through past email campaigns by company, subject, etc.  What a great resource!!
  14. Subscribe to the best of the best in your industry.  Learn from the experts, see what they are doing!
  15. Consider mobile.  Open rates on mobile are already winning over desktop and webmail.  Make sure the links in your email look good on mobile.
  16. Mobile devices show 25 Characters in subject lines.  Don’t be too long and wordy!
  17. TEST with – put your email into a system and see how it looks on every mobile device and every email platform.
  18. Use a multi touch welcome.  Instead of just one autoresponder, send 3 over 20 days.  (1) Welcome, (2) highlight one of the best features on your site, (3) did you know … then subscribe them to your normal newsletter.  Researched showed an increase of 63% over the 1 & done autoresponder.
  19. Facebook registration box.  Its in Facebook tools.  There is an email opt in form from Facebook that will already have the email filled out when a visitor gets there.  This will work inside of Facebook or inside of your website Facebook feed.  It shows their registered friends too!!
  20. Get your OWN inbox in order. works for Gmail, Yahoo, and many old email lists you want to quickly unsubscribe from.

Wow – very interesting stats and info!!  Internet Marketing has so many angles, so make sure that your email campaigns are not neglected!  If you need any help setting up your HTML template, your copywriting, your lists, or your call-to-action buttons on email campaigns don’t hesitate to contact Cal Coast Web Design – we’re here to help!