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The Why’s of Blogging

Good morning everyone! As a new month begins I’d like to touch on an old topic once more. I’ve talked about blogging and how important it has become within the world of search engine optimization. I’ve talked in the past about how owners of websites should be proactive with their sites and blog as often as possible making use of the blogs that Cal Coast Web Design has set up for them. Today I am going to discuss exactly what it is we do when we create a blog for you and why we do it the way we do.

Once again when we blog for our clients the purpose more than anything else is to simply put a link out on the Internet that brings search engines to your website. We find blogs that are related to your websites content/services and then we respond to the main post with comments of our own. These comments contain a link back to your website as well as specific keywords found in your website. This allows people reading the blogs comments to see and utilize a link back to your website and more importantly the search engines count that link in your favor since it takes them directly to one of your pages, usually your homepage.

We have been asked at various times by clients, “Why did you say that in your comments?” The answer is actually quite simple and I’ll give an example of why. Let’s say we’re blogging for a fictional person a Mr. Michael Scofield. Mr. Scofield is a structural engineer and his website contains information about how to safely and efficiently construct buildings. Now when it’s time for us to blog for Michael we have to search the Internet for blogs related to not only the construction of buildings but also blogs that deal with the types of services he offers. In reality we could blog anywhere about anything we like but this is considered spam by both search engines and blog owners. This will typically result in my post being deleted and if the search engines catch on, Mr. Schofields website can be marked as spam by search engines, resulting in a huge loss of page rank and various other penalties. So lets say we find a blog about what materials to use for a building’s foundation. The first thing we do is read the post thoroughly to get an understanding of exactly what it is this individual is talking about. We next will prepare a response to post as a comment to this blog. Our comment will and has to deal with the subject matter in the original post or else the comment will either never pass moderation or it will be deleted at some point by the owner. This means that though we may talk about different types of cement in my comments instead of general construction or engineering, the topic still relates to his website and what it is that he does or provides. Doing so allows us to remain on topic all the while we get your keywords out there along with a link to your website!

Some clients have had concerns in the past about the subject matter in a blog that we’ve done for them which is understandable. I hope that this post helps to shed some light on why it is we do what we do. Of course you may always contact us with questions if you have them. See you next time!