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Preparing For Your Consultation Call

The Cal Coast Web Design Consultation Calls have proven successful for both our clients and Cal Coast and while not every client has participated as of yet those of you who have, have provided us with overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding the calls. Your kind words are a testament to the continuing success of this program.

Though each call has gone well many of you had not yet taken a moment to look over the report we go cover with you during the call. In each “invitation email” you receive you will find detailed instructions on how to access this report along with the login informaiton needed to access said report.

Of those who’ve provided feedback on the Consultation Calls the one request that we get repeatedly is that we allow our clients to view the report prior to the phone call. As stated we do provide instructions on how to access that report. If for any reason you are unable to access the report please contact us right away. Viewing this report prior to a Consultation Call will allow you to become better prepared for the call as you will likely have questions regarding the data that you view, especially when comparing it to past search engine optimization reports.

We talk a lot about being proactive with your website and your search engine marketing. The purpose of today’s blog is to re-emphasize the importance of being prepared with questions about your site/report when we call. 98% of the clients we have Consultation Calls with have little to no questions regarding the infomration we review with you. Using this call as a chance to get your questions answered is an excellent idea and is one of the reasons this program was started so be sure to review your report, write down any questions or concerns you might have and then communicate them to us during the call!