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It’s Good To Give Back

Nothing feels quite as nice as giving, especially when you’re giving to those in need and to a good cause. Cal Coast Web Design would like to direct your attention to is an organization that was started for the purpose of promoting the understanding of global issues all the while selling clothing and accessories that support various charities. Fifty percent of all proceeds go to the charities they support which is something that just can’t be beat.

When you purchase something from you not only receive the product you selected but also information related to the charity this product helps support. The motto of is “Where Shopping is Good for the Soul” which rings true every time you purchase something from their website.

Another exciting aspect of is that they utilize a different celebrity each month in order to help raise awareness of the many global issues that exist today, which in turn helps to raise more money for philanthropies that support humanitarian causes.

We’ve all needed help at some point in our lives and I’m sure most of us can remember what it feels like wondering if help will ever come. Please take a moment to visit this website and give it a look and then join in the forums there! Helping those in need is always something that’s worth your time and money so what are you waiting for? Questions, contact YourAwareness here!