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Social Media Content Strategy for Realtors

Do you log on to Twitter and Facebook, and struggle with things to share and write? If so, you’re not alone! As we know, content is king, and your social media profiles are an extension of that content ;)Today at the Inman Agent Reboot session Katie Lance, Inman’s Social Media director, offered Orange County Realtors a simple social media content strategy.

Create killer, consistent, captivating social media content

Katie suggested that Realtors create a content grid, or spreadsheet, in Google Docs or Excel to get your next 30 days of content planned and prepared.  You can also take it one step further and schedule your posts or tweets by using Hootsuite 🙂

Your spreadsheets should have the following categories:

  1. Local Real Estate – Talk about your favorite feature of a listing, don’t just post boring listings! Tell the story of a past client.  Talk about your farm neighborhood #1.  Talk about your farm neighborhood #2.  Discuss a first time buyer challenge.  Talk about the best dog parks, restaurants, etc.
  2. National Real Estate – Compare home prices. Post Foreclosure Radar embeds. Share Inman, NAR, or CAR articles.  This helps you and your sphere stay up to date with the important milestones in the Real Estate industry.
  3. Community – Post Instagram photos of your community, and make friends with locals.  Talk about the upcoming concerts or fairs.  Upload pretty scenery, parks, monuments.  Talk about local elections or events.  Post a video of someone’s relocation story.
  4. Personal Interests – What do you love to do?  People do business with other people they LIKE.  When you share an interest, people are more likely to do business with you.  Have you posted anything personal about dancing, dining, workout, arts, travel, family, friends?!  Being ‘all business’ is boring; don’t be afraid to show who you really are!

Remember….Have a plan!!  It will help ensure your social media profiles remain consistent and balanced.  These content grids are great for assistants and team members to keep them on track…aren’t they?!

If you’d like help enhancing your content grid, blog content, or website content, contact us.