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An Outline to Creating Content For your Website


Content is King.

There are probably more articles focusing on this very skill in the search engine optimization and marketing world.

  • Trying to understand why content is so important?
  • Looking for tips to improve your content?
  • Not sure where to start? Looking for a simple guide to content writing for SEO?

We suggest you read about why and generally how by reviewing some of the links before.

There are zen masters in our industry that create custom content regularly that Cal Coast can stand by.
Start your content creation journey with a little background and general info by reading one of the Content Writing article below…

Are you now convinced why content is important?
Do you have a better idea as to how to write it, but not sure how to get organized and started?

Feel free to use the general layout before as a guideline.  Don forget though, you should really customize each page to match the needs of the user.
Make sure you supply the demand.
Ease the fears.
Get them to trust you.
Make it easy.
Make it accessible.

For starters, a few pointers while creating the content from the outline below…

  • Format
    No one like a sea of black. Break up your text with sub titles, different font alignments, bolding, italicizing, indenting, BULLET POINTING, numbering, etc. Even use color to make something stand out, but keep it consistent and professional.
  • Images
    Text or images? Which would you prefer to look at? A picture can tell 1000 words. Let it evoke emotion, break up your text and keep the user reading.
  • Keywords
    Keep your keywords in mind when writing your content. If you can fit one of your terms in naturally, you should.  Make sure it still reads organically. Over stuffing or improper use of a keyword can actually hurt you. And, quite frankly, it doesn’t make you look any more professional.
  • Sub Titles
    Be sure to better organize your content (and easily integrate a keyword in without making it fit in a sentence) for sub categories of the page. Keep it organized. Think “Services” “Options” “Programs” “Who We Help” “Why Choose Us” ” FAQs” etc.

A Guide: Use this to help outline your next content page. Simply copy & paste!


Title: (Keyword) Feel free to use a colon or dash to emphasize a point, call someone to action, or integrate a keyword.

Intro paragraph: Grab their attention. Get me to keep reading. Relate. Call to action in case they don’t want to keep reading.

Options: Give options to other sections on the page if there are a lot and could use further organizing.



  • Do you service?
    Let them know they are in the right place, they have the same need, problem, etc.
  • Will benefit?


  • Are you offering?
  • Is it?
  • Are people calling it?
  • Types are there?
  • Are the components of this product, service, solution?
  • Are there different kinds/variations?
  • Are the top 5 questions you get?


  • Can I get it?
  • Do you service (areas)?


  • Do I need it?
  • Do you offer it?
  • Is the best time?


  • Do I need it?
  • Do I need you?
  • Should I choose you?
  • Locations, articles, magazine, and other Featured In type media.
  • Awards
  • Credentials
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Licensing
  • Associations


  • Will it help me?
  • Do I get started?
  • Do I Buy?
  • Much does it cost?

Closing Statement: Wrap up. Give trust factor(s).


  • What should I do next? – Share, buy, call, click, follow, sign up, connect, etc.
  • What should I read next?
  •  Promo or incentive

***Often times there are more than 1 of these. Even up to 6.

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Let us help you with any aspect of the process. We train, organize, implement & create custom search focused content for your website.

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