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Referencing Another Blog Post: Guide to Formatting


So you love a blog post that you saw on another site, and want to share with your audience?  Below is a simple guide on how to format a blog on your page to link to the other blog.

Directing traffic through your page is key when it comes to the search engines, so make sure to create the blog and link out rather than providing a direct link from your social media accounts.


Article Title Here: A Perspective From Company Here On Yadda Yadda With a Keyword

(Note: You do NOT want to use the same title as the article you are referencing)


Insert intro here discussing why you wanted to share the article and what they kind find if they read it.

 Quote from article with cite and link

“Insert snippet from article here in quotes and italics. You should indent it too. There is a quote option in html as well”

CLICK HERE to red the full article, “Article Name Here” by “Company/Website Here.”
(Note: Link up click here text and article name in same link to the article location and open in a new window.)


Closing perspective.  Final thoughts.

 Call-to-Action (CTA)

What would you like them to do next? Read something else? Read about you? Contact you? Enter a contest?

Additional Notes:

  •  Dont forget to:
    • Add categories. Select from what you have and create new ones if you can expand on them later.
    • Add tags. Tags can be used less often than categories.
  •  People LOVE:
    • White space – no sea of black
    • Bullets
      • Bullet lists
    • Images
    • Formatting
      • sub titles/categories, bolding, underlining, italics, etc. – Not too much though, or it gets even worse than a sea of black. Find your balance.

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