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In The Know About WordPress Plugins: What, Why, and Where

WordPress is a very diverse, easy to use platform for website design. However, it needs to conform to what you need for your business or personal website. So how does one website platform conform itself to millions of different websites?

The answer lies in plugins. What is a plugin? A plugin is a small module of code, like an app on your phone. While not usually separate, running programs, apps have specific functions that allow your website to do things that the base WordPress doesn’t support. Things like increased traffic monitoring, better permissions for comments, more security features, or even picture management.
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Plugins come in many different shapes and sizes. You might look at the WordPress website listing of all their offered plugins and just scratch your head. There are thousands of options! You can’t possibly install them all, so how do you choose what to get? The answer is surprisingly simple: figure out what you want from your website and find a plugin that does it, or part of it, if WordPress can’t on its own. Look in the listings and find high reviews, read comments and find the best choice for you. If the task seems too daunting, the team at Cal Coast Web Design would be more than happy to help you.

However, you can also see reviews and favorites from some knowledgeable professionals! One of our favorites is a gentleman by the name of Alex Vasquez. You can see his WordPress profile here. He’s a top notch theme developer with his own website and business, we highly recommend a lot of the same plugins that he does.  And, we highly recommend him. Yes, here we are mentioning other developers. There’s plenty of fish in the sea, folks. And this guy knows his stuff!

Alex Vasquez and his DigiSavvy Blog!

Find posts about all his favorite WordPress Plugins. You might be able to find one that you like! He also shares tips and other blog topics about a wide variety of things having to do with WordPress and website design.

Widgets and other tools can be useful in more ways than you can likely imagine when it comes to setting up your website just how you want it!

Following other user’s reviews of plugins and widgets can save you a lot of time and effort when trying to find just the right add-on that works for you! Thanks Alex!

Read the full article, “My Favorite WordPress Plugins This Week” on DigiSavvy. – CLICK HERE

Plugins are a wonderful way to increase the power and versatility of your WordPress based website. However, getting everything working together properly can be a bit of a chore sometimes! If you are having trouble, or simply want the ease of a professional handling it for you, the Cal Coast Web Design team is here to help with web design and development services. We can help you with every step of the way, from basic concept to completed website, plugins and any other details. Click here to contact Cal Coast today!