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Your Social Media Campaign with Tools by The Experts: Streamline. Get organized. Optimize the results.

Streamlining your social media campaign with proven tools.

Sounds simple enough, right? The problem is that there are thousands of tools.

Which do you choose?
Any really. That’s what testing is for. But, since you’re probably a very busy business owner or marketer, we consulted the experts, like Ian Cleary from, who already tested the tools. And here are the guru’s choices.

Is work getting on top of you?
Is there a todo list that is never-ending?
Are you spending too much time managing your social media accounts?
With the right tools and know-how you can save significant amounts of time and dramatically improve your results.

The Road Ahead:

  • Become more organized.
  • Better content promotion
  • Optimization of results.

The Tools:

  • Research Before You Write – FREE VERSION available.

    This competition research tool allows you to put in a website address of your competitor. It will analyze the content and discover most shared content among social spaces.

    Determine which post types are performing. Lists? Images? Trends? Discover who is sharing. Who are the influential people sharing? If they are sharing for your competitor, they may share yours… so start building relationships. Now. Shoot, maybe even start now and come back. Go ahead and try it. We’ll just wait for you here on this blog. 🙂

  • Use an Editorial Calendar – Free trial. $10/mo. A blog without an Editorial Calendar is like a project without a plan. Manage teams, content creation for teams, and drag and drop assignments and schedules. The tool also includes the ability to connect social media profiles and then share content after you publish a blog post.

  • Find Trending Content In Your Network – Free – $119/mo. (Depending on number of users, etc.) Use a tool like this to identify topics, and then refine to discover more tailored content. Also, when sharing (now or later) it will also identify appropriate hashtags. Helloooooo, Time Saver!

  • Find Content Gems – Free – $50/mo. (Depending on number of accounts, etc.) This tool gives you options to find additional content. Sure, it’s similar to the above, but it is important to try multiple tools.

Better Content Promotion

  • Reach Out For Links

    Google loves links!! – It’s like a “vote” for you/your site/your unique content.

    Promote your content to get more links.
    Find similar content,  identify sites linking to that content, reach out, viola!

    How do you find the links? – FREE Trial. $0-$499/mo.

    It’s simple to use. Paste in address of a competitor. See who is linking to the post. You don’t want websites that are not in a similar niche.

  • Streamline Your Outreach

    Identify relevant blogs, create outreach messages, track responses, automate follow-up… viola, results! – FREE trial. $150-$850/mo.

    It can be costly and time-consuming to perform all the outreach you need and can benefit from. Use the data from this tool to identify your target market influencers.

    When sending emails out, there is an automation system to schedule template emails for concepts like initial outreach. The system will track a response. If it doesn’t come back, it can be set up to automatically follow-up and sends the “Havent heard from you” email. If (un)identified again, “My final email” will send. You can change the if/then variables for interaction based on other actions (or lack thereof.)

    Alternates:  BuzzStream. (Not same level of automation. But, more affordable.)

  • Schedule Content Distribution

    Use a spreadsheet for all text and links you want to list. It helps you preschedule and make decisions for timing and release.

  • Implement Twitter Cards

    The Difference a Twitter Card Makes (via @razorsocial)
    The Difference a Twitter Card Makes (via @razorsocial)

    Which Twitter post would you click on? With or without an image? Clearly the image gets more engagement. And that’s a simple solution with a Twitter Card.  – FREE.

    Add a link. Analyze the post. Find out if you have the right info provided by Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, etc.

    Find more information on Twitter Cards on the Twitter Dev Tools. – READ MORE

  • Give Incentive

    Perhaps offer free content? Or a free entry? – FREE – $399/3mo.

    Make it easy to share with a friend. But then give incentive. Why would you want to help?

  • Automating Old Content To Send – FREE – 17.97/mo.

    Create a queue to add tweets to queue add variations of your post. Dont bore your visitors with the same boring thing over and over. Write unique content and then let something else schedule it out. 🙂

Optimize Your Results

  • Optimize Email Signups

    70% of website visitors will NEVER come back. 🙁 -$49-$349

    This tool assists with building email subscribers.  When someone is browsing and nothing happens, they go to leave, right?  When they move their cursor to close, this tool will instead give them a pop up. Use this to call them to action. No technical skills required to set this one up!

  • Optimize with Optimizely

    Great for testing. Set up multiple variations of the same page for split testing. It also allows for multiple variations. This means you can even change the text of your site without technical skill.

    Stop worrying about traffic. Worry about the results of that traffic…

  • Convert Social Fans to Email Subscribers

    Average Reach of Email: 20-25%
    Average Reach of Fans: 10-15%
    Average Reach of People Who Are BOTH: Over +30%

    And, it’s not that difficult to convert. They already like your content. They already want to stay connected. – FREE trial. $30/mo.

    Use this tool to run a competition. It even connects to your email service choice.

    Alternatives: AgoraPulse,  TabSite, ShortStack App

  • Optimize Social Sharing

    This simple plugin for WordPress & other web platforms allows for sharing at top and left. While there are thousands of options for this, many will remain a constant reminder for people to share.

    Trouble with Mobile implementation? This tool has a simple transparent icon in the bottom left hand corner that allows for pop up and expansion of sharing links.

    Make it easy for your users. Make it easy for yourself. This tool also provides analytics. Identify your supporters. Meet the influencers. Make a difference.

  • Reoptimize Content With Traffic Using Google Webmaster Tools – FREE.

    Google Webmaster Tools is essential. When Google goes through your site, if it finds problems, it will tell you about it in Webmaster tools. Thank you, Google.

  • Optimize Meta Titles & – FREE.This free tool crawls through content on a site and shows you all the titles and descriptions. This is what Google most often shows a user in the ranking pages (SERPs).If you click-through rate (CTR) is low, modify your titles an descriptions to try to improve CTR. Get more traffic without changing th content itself. Look for keywords you are ranking for that you don’t have a specific post on. This will provide new content ideas. #thatwaseasy
  • Post Specific Content with LeadBox Optim

    This tool offers a small image in content. That image then pops up and collects email subscribers. Consider making downloadable incentives for relative content on a page. This option is then used as incentive for email newsletter conversion rates.

Streamline. Get organized. Optimize the results.

Having a hard time identifying and finding your audience online? Are you connecting the dots for them so that your brand stays front of mind? Love the idea of all these tools, but just don’t want to try it yourself? Let one of our custom plans help you streamline and optimize your interactions with clients.