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Website Tracking At Your Fingertips – Google Analytics

Have you ever wondered who’s checking out your website?

Of course you have! Could you believe that there is a way to get rich insights to the views your website gets on a daily basis?

Google has developed a powerful, easy-to-use solution that lets you do exactly this. It’s called Google Analytics. Originally developed from the growing industry of Web Analytics, this product allows you to not only track your views, but to help you build better online marketing strategies.

Google Analytics now tracks your Facebook likes and tweets that are developed through your website!

So what is Web Analytics?

* A simple online tool for tracking website views
* An information source that helps gauge traffic and popularity trends
* A 24 hour tool for marketing and business research
* An overview of specific pages and the number of viewers per page
* A geographical map displaying your website’s popularity in specific locations
* A percentage of new and old views
* A breakdown of time spent on your site daily
* Your best ally for business strategies and tracking analysis

Check out these analytics from Dr. Rafa at Gateway Rehab and Wellness Center

There are over two billion searches done online every day. How are you tracking your searches?

Your website is your best marketing ally and deserves your constant attention. Web Analytics is a great way to let your business reach its full potential online with its perfect ability to track your target market.

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We look forward to bringing you much success online!