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Video Blogging (Vlogging) tips for Realtors

Hey everyone! I was in on a great webinar this morning with Herman Chan of Habitat for Hermanity up in San Francisco. Herman gave the Young Professional’s Network some excellent tips for Realtors who want to start vlogging:

Easy Video Blogging Tips

  1. Short and sweet (1-3 minutes)
  2. SMILE 🙂
  3. Sell, sell, sell…NOT
  4. Don’t be a tour guide
  5. Have a point of view! (don’t be afraid to give your opinion!)
  6. Baby steps (your own cell phone is just fine to start)
  7. Look presentable

People love “How To” videos. Once these people find out ‘how to’ on your video channel, you are able to build a relationship with them BEFORE you meet them…isn’t that priceless?

Another great way to maximize your video is interviews. Interview your stager, your inspector, your mentor. This gives you credibility AND it usually gets uploaded on both of your websites for double exposure.

Of course, these videos need to get found in order to maximize your ROI. Do you know how to get a YouTube video found? Do you know the best video aggregation sites out there? We do! Cal Coast has lots of experience doing video SEO, especially real estate video SEO. Are you a vlogger?