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How to Create, Edit and Update your Google Calendar for Online Profiles

Google Calendar Editing and Updating

The Google Calendar is a free and effective tool at your disposal. It can be used on websites, blogs, and many other online profiles. Google Calendar is also a free solution that can be used to keep users up to date on important events.

To edit your calendar simply visit (make sure you are logged in with your Google account.)

From there, you may start by adding events to your calendar. It is a straight forward process all you have to do is select a day on the calendar (easier if you view the calendar in month view, you can do this by the selection bar towards the top of the screen) and click it. A box will appear with a many options. Select the ones that are appropriate for your use.

For a more in depth guide on how to set up a Google calendar, and add events please watch this video.

Embed a Google Calendar into your website

Another useful tool provided in Google calendar is the ability to embed your Google calendar in your website. This allows the users of your website to view important updates and allow for some limited interactivity.

Watch this how to video to embed a Google calendar into your website.

Don’t want to do it your self? Feel free to contact us. We can have your basic Google calendar up and running in under an hour and we can train you how to create and manage your own calendar in an hour as well.