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Creating Videos That Get Ranked in The Search Engines: Components That Capture an Audience & The SERPs

Website Video Tips

Why should you use video on your website when it is easier to just write and share your message that way? The number one reason is more people are likely to watch a short video than to have to read though a bunch of text. Also a video is much more personal. The viewer is able to see who they will be interacting with and already have a sense of who and what your about. Videos are a more direct way to promote your products or ideas over the Internet.

If you have not seen our 7 reasons to use online videos for promoting your website check out our blog post

What to Include in your online Video

When creating a video for your website there are a few basic items that we recommend being included:

  • Make sure to include your video on your homepage and local sites. This is important because your potential customers will already know who you are if they are interested in your services or knowledge.
  • Make sure to address what services you offer in your video. This is important you are running a business!
  • What makes your business unique? Why should the customer that you are trying to reach choose you over the competition. Include some key ideas or points your business offers that the competition doesn’t.
  • Include Trust Factors into your video. What credentials, awards, etc you or your company has. The more the better.
  • Include call to actions in your video. Something such as here is what you can do on our site or what special offers you can acquire from visiting our site. Some examples include coupons, free lunch, enter to win promotions, newsletters, contests, review us for incentives etc.
  • Be sure to include how they can stay connected to your business such as follow us on Facbook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

These procedures should be addressed if its a home made video or a professional video.

Cal Coast Web Design can consult you on your video needs. Or Orange County Video Specialists such as Miller Farm Media can help you with video production.