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Important Elements of Your Blog You Need to Get Right the First Time

Blogging doesn’t have to be difficult, I want to show you how to take 15 minutes to blog properly and how keeping a few things in mind will help both your SEO & SMO campaign.


The title Of your blog has to both the catchy and straight to the point. Your title should indicate what your blog is going to be about. Using a pun or a twist on a common phrase will intrigue potential readers. Use your wit to come up with a few potentials for snappy titles.

Some Quick Title Making Tips:

  • Use Keywords: Grab the attention of the reader who is just scanning for content. People looking for posts about trains are most likely going to read your blog post if train is in the title.
  • Ask A Question: Asking a question helps you engage the reader and it entices them to comment on your blog answering the question.
  • Power Words: Use words that stand out and everyone likes such as Free, Easy, Secrets etc.
  • Title Length: Keep in mind a title should be no more than 90 characters. It needs to be a certain size so people on twitter can retweet and still see it.

Categories, Tags, & Labels: Its important to label your blog posts correctly they are used to categorize your blog posts and allow readers to read blog posts of a similar nature or on the same topic.

Quick Tips for Categories, Tags & Labels:

  • Short & Sweet: Get right to the point if you have blog posts about your favorite actor Woody Harrelson you wouldnt name the label “Wood Harrelson Movies” would you?? No keep it simple and name it Woody Harrelson that way you can now not only include blog posts about his movies but any other useful news surrounding him. This makes the label very general but if I where looking to find information about Woody Harrelson I would most likely click on your label as oppose to clicking on Woody Harrelson Movies.
  • Use Keywords: Great place to squeeze in your keywords and use them without it being spam.

The Body of Your Blog Post:

Make it good, keep readers interested and coming back.

Quick Tips on Making the Body of Your Blog Great:

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  • Small Paragraphs: Keep your paragraphs small and right to the point. You do not want to have to keep your reader reading for a long time or they will lose interest no matter how interesting the post might be.
  • Use Bullet Points: Your reader will most likely scan your blog before even reading it so add bullet points to make the most important items stand out. This can entice them to read the entire blog.
  • Add Calls to action: When your reader is done what do you want them to do?? Ask A question? Fill out a form?? You need to tell your reader where to go next and what to do. Make the call to action good!! This could turn into a new client for you.
  • Font Formatting: Change colors of fonts to make it stand out more. If you have a “Free Newsletter Sign Up Now” you want them to click on then make it a different color so your reader doesn’t miss it. You can also bold use italics and more to capture peoples attention.
  • Use Images: Break up the text with images no one wants to read a sea of black.

So after reading all of this do you feel empowered?? I know I do! Blogging is easy and can be done in 30 minutes or less if you do make it a habit. This can help launch your SEO and SMO campaign to the next level!