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Using a Backlink Checker to Get Quality Links to Point to Your Site

Many companies utilize backlink checker tools to search for potential link partners of competition allowing us to “beat them out.”

Begin by visiting DB and determining which keywords to focus your linking efforts on.

Often times, a pages main priority keywords in the title meta tag of your site’s homepage.

Once your decided keyword has been selected, simply visit google and type in the selected keyword.

Make note of each of the urls that come up for that keyword on the 1st page of Google.

Check for existing inbound links to each of those domains you notated with a Backlink
Checker tool
and make sure you document them somhow. Perhaps by adding to an excel file called “Backlink Checker Results” tab of a “Linking & Directories” excel file you block and store in your FTP, c-drive or other password protected location.

Once all links are documented, you must spend available hours over visiting each of the links to request a link as well. Update your file as you move forward with them.

When first workign with a site, we like to also document all links already pointing to site on this document as well by adding a tab to the excel file called “Existing Links Upon Start Up.” If there are only a few, we simply list them out. If there are too many to copy and paste, we take a screen shot and add insert the image in to the file.