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7 Reasons to Use Online Video to Promote Your Business

Are you using video in your marketing campaigns yet? You should! Why???

1. Increase sales
You can only be physically in one place at one time. Video is a great way to duplicate yourself and your message. It helps you build rapport with the viewer so they feel like they know you. It also increases their trust for you and your product. I recently attended an event and there was someone there that I was sure I had met before. Then I realized that I hadn’t actually met them in person but had watched an online video that they had made!

2. Increase Ranking in Google
Google likes video. You will notice when doing a search that there are usually some videos that pop up. Your video on the internet is also a link back to your website.

3. Get Found on Google Within a Few Hours
A video on YouTube gets indexed and found by Google within 48 hours! If you need traffic now, video is a good tool to help get you noticed immediately. Make sure the Orange County video production company that you are working with also knows. or works with. a company that understands google; like Orange County SEO.

4. YouTube Is the Second Largest Search Engine
We all know that Google is the big kid on the block when it comes to internet search. Did you know that YouTube is number 2? This is a great opportunity to build awareness of your brand and to be seen as an expert in your area.

In addition to all of this, YouTube also allows you to post bulletins for your subscribers. This is similar to a status update on other social networks, such as Facebook. This means that even if you haven’t uploaded a new video, you can still get the word out to your subscribers about your latest promotions and updates!

5. Video is Sticky
Google uses many different metrics to determine search ranking. The amount of time spent by visitors once they find your website is very important. Compelling video makes people stay on your site up to 7 times longer; which, in turn, should also improve your sales. Video should be placed on the front page of your website to get the most benefit from google ranking and to keep people on your site.

6. Video Goes Well With Everything
A video on the internet can get you a lot of mileage. If you post the video to YouTube, you can embed it on your website, put it on your Google Places listing, email the link to your contacts, and post it on other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. There are also around 30 other video sharing sites that you can submit your video to.

7. Video Isn’t As Expensive As It Used To Be
Video doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to look cheap. California video production company, Miller Farm Media, has created packages that are affordable and are effective at helping you reach your sales goals. Visit to view some examples and contact us for pricing.

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