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Orange County SEO Success – A Small Business Case Study

CONGRATS to Judy Flores with Nipomo Organizing – she’s a professional organizer in Orange County who is constantly getting bookings from her website & online marketing campaign!

Judy was kind enough to let us nose into her business today, answering my tough niche, keyword, and ROI questions. Ready to check out our results?

Here’s a pretty visual – its Judy’s ranking summary:

SEO Success Secret #1: Have a BUNCH of page 1 rankings.

Judy has 178 phrases related to her business that are showing up on page 1 of the major search engines. She has almost F O R T Y #1 organic rankings. It would be tough NOT to find her if you were looking for an Organizer in Orange County.

Here’s a surprising visual:

SEO Success Secret #2: Hits & session numbers don’t matter. RELEVANT visitors matter.

Judy doesn’t have a ton of visitors on her website. She got a whole 18 visitors from search in December of last year. Wooooo. #sarcasm. After talking to her today, I found out she got THIRTEEN actual contacts from her website in December 2010, SEVEN of which turned into actual bookings and business.

WHO CARES how many people come to your website….are they the right visitors and do they convert into business? Yes and Yes for Judy. I see this happen time and time again with small businesses. People think “nobody searches for what I do” or “there is not enough searches in my niche to justify paying for optimization”.

Organic Search Engine Optimization cuts your marketing fat. You pay for relevant and interested people who prequalify themselves by typing in a phrase that matches the industry you service. Why wouldn’t you optimize, even if it is for only 20 people who want exactly what you offer?

Here’s a video of Judy on the hot seat. Honestly, I felt like it was more Cal Coast on the hot seat. Its soooo important to us that you don’t ‘spend’ money on your campaign, we want you to MAKE $$$$ with your campaign! Survey says…….

—————————————Bottom line—————————————–

Judy is very booked, she increased her hourly rate this year, she chooses her clients, and she kicks butt & takes names (& credit card #s) in SERPs. Go Judy!!!