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Copywriting for SEO —> NO <— it’s NOT easy!

Just because you can formulate a sentence does NOT mean you can write good copy. Just because you know how to SEO does NOT mean anyone will read what you wrote. Copywriting for SEO AND convertibility is a challenge – and more often than not – it takes a team!

Gone are the days when you can get away with one person to build your website, create amazing graphics, handle the back end programming, write the copy, do the meta tags, and get you found. Each of these things is now an area of expertise, and if you expect to do well online, you’ll need all these heads coordinating together on your behalf.

Recently we were honored to have our founder Angie Weeks interviewed by an expert copywriter, Robin Dale Meyers, on how to integrate SEO into blog and website verbiage to get Google love. We thought it was awesome for Robin to reach out to us on LinkedIn for an interview – it shows she wants to go above and beyond for her clients. We love businesses like that!!

You can read the interview and learn more about copywriting for SEO in Robin’s 2 part series.

Long story short – if you are paying an SEO and they don’t have a good copywriter – add one to your team! On the other hand – if you are paying a copywriter who doesn’t know SEO – you’re not making the most of your money!! SEO’s and copywriters should work HAND in HAND to make your campaign successful. Why? Here are just 3 reasons:

  1. Press release distribution goes a lot further with the right keywords.
  2. Websites bring more conversions when they get found AND people stay there. (aka captivating content)
  3. Your SEO & copywriter will check and balance eachother nicely! (so pages aren’t too fluffy or too technical)

If you’re looking for more reach with your online marketing campaign maybe its time to diversify services. Are you expecting your SEO or copy person to do it all? Even worse, do you have them both working out of separate boxes and not collaboratively? Consider hand selecting a team of experts to get the job done right!

Thanks again to Robin for the interview – we would highly recommend her for any of your professional copywriting needs – brochures, press releases or any other good copy!