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SMO Closing Flow Checklist: An Internet Marketing SOP You MUST Incorporate Now!

Your social media profiles should be part of your SOP, from start to finish.  Most importantly though, upon closing of a project.

Once your finished with a sale sand project, it can be difficult to maintain contact until they contact you again.

Below is a list of procedures we feel are important to improving your referral rates and upselling of existing clients.

Of course, this doesn’t include all your own standard procedures, so please be sure to update your own manuals or contact us to help you create an official flow for your Closing SOP.

Once a client project is complete, be sure to handle the following…

  • Send a thank you email including links & options to/for the following:
    • Follow you on Twitter
    • Like your business page on Facebook (or friend your personal page)
    • Connect with you on LinkedIn
    • Subscribe to your newsletter or blog (We recommend using Feedburner – CCWD can set this up for you in less than an hour!)
    • Friend us on Youtube
    • Review us on Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Etc
    • Add VALUE. Be sure to offer a promo for this work.This small gesture will keep people engaged in actively serving as your salesman. By constantly getting updates about what you offer, your followers may become regular customers or be able to refer their friends and followers as well…if they see value in it. We cant take action with that we don’t know of.

      And unless it’s in front of us, we cant take action. Offer incentive to get it in front of them. Have them do the work of adding you and subscribing to your updates!

  • Find & Follow on Twitter
  • Find & Friend (personal account) on Facebook
  • Suggest Business account on Facebook
  • Connect on LinkedIn
  • Set up on a drip email campaignIf you’re using Campaigner, Constant Contact or other email marketing system, set your client up on a follow up campaign that adds value without more effort. We can help you customize and build this campaign!
  • Get a TestimonialsWhether its for your website itself, or a review in Google, Yahoo or Yelp, it will HELP!

    A review on an outside site will help you rank better in the local results.

    A positive review or testimonial will help users make a decision about trusting you and choosing you!

    If a client has not offered one on their own, ask them about their experience. Transcribe as they talk and ask them if you can type that up to get approved and add it to your site.

  • Get ReferralsWhile you have them on the site getting feedback about their experience, be sure to see if there is anyone else who would benefit from your help! Offering an incentive for closed referrals can also help!
  • Share Example on SiteBe sure to get a description of their project, an example (before & after shot maybe) through image or video and post this on your site so other can see your work!

These simple tasks can easily be integrated into your closing flow.
Heck, even train an intern to do it!

It just takes 1 tweet shared by a previous client to close that million dollar deal!