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Make Your Website WORK For You CCWD Seminar

I’m up in Big Bear with Angela for a couple days working on the business (database, marketing campaigns, manuals and stuff)…sometimes its boring and sometimes its fun.

How often do you work ON your business, instead of IN it? If you had an opportunity to have a breakout session with an internet expert, so you could build your online business, would you be interested?

We’re offering an information packed session on a Friday afternoon; after
most of your clients have mentally left for the weekend anyway – its only $99 – I would love it if you came.

A website will work as hard as you make it. How well is yours producing??? Give your online business a boost and sign up to “Make your website WORK for you”. Shoot me an email if you would like to attend on Friday, June 20th from 1-4pm. You can also sign up online. Seats are limited!

Have a successful day 🙂

Angie Weeks
Cal Coast