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Computer Maintenance and Safety

Computer maintenance and safety are two terms that have become synonymous with each other over the years. Most casual or “everyday” internet users are ignorant to many of the dangers that lurk online and possess little to no knowledge about online safety and maintenance and are regularly victimized by hordes of malicious software programs. What’s worse is that in most cases those who are unaware of such things not only experience a huge decrease in their computers performance but often fall prey to things like data file theft and identity theft. How do these things happen and how can you protect yourself? Let’s get to that now.

When a user logs onto to the internet and begins pursuing websites that user runs the risk of contacting several “viruses” that store themselves on your computer and continue to run unseen in the background while you’re active online. With infections present on any machine a user runs the risk of having their keystrokes monitored, files stolen, and even having their personal information taken.

You will want to keep in mind however that not every website contains “viruses” and many websites are safe. Sites like Microsoft, Google, and even Cal Coast Web Design are virus free and visiting these sites will not result in your computer becoming infected. So which websites install such malevolent things into a computer? Many adult sites, especially ones offering things like free downloads and many other sites that offer something for free are usually the culprits. Most users have a trusted list of favorite sites they visit regularly. While we don’t want to discourage you from discovering new sites and recourses on the web, we do urge you to err on the side of caution before and after visiting a site. It’s wise to look at a sites web address, presentation, and even do a bit of research online to see what others say about the site. Following these steps can help reduce the number of attacks your computer will be exposed to and can save you a lot of trouble and time.

Regardless of what you do to keep your computer and your data safe its inevitable that your computer will become infected, repeatedly. Things like Spyware, Malware, and Trojans are virtually everywhere and much like a cold or the Flu are difficult to avoid no matter how careful you are. When your computer does become infected its wise to perform a bit of computer maintenance and remove these infections. There are several tools available that you can download and use for free, all of which will detect and remove the myriad of threats that your computer will be battling. We recommend that you use all of these in conjunction with each other and at the end of every day. Performing maintenance on such a regular basis will not only keep the chances of data and file theft to a minimum but will keep your computer running smoothly.

Below are links that will take you directly to sites which will allow you to download removal tools. Again we recommend you use these on a regular basis to keep your computer and data safe.

Should you have any questions about online safety or computer maintenance please contact us so that may assist you further.