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Driving Traffic to Your Site By Engaging in the YouTube Community: A How To Guide

This manual focuses on how to best optimize your YouTube channel with regular community interaction and profile (channel) updating.

Once your YouTube channel is optimized and has plenty of videos worth sharing, its then time to start engaging in the YouTube community. WHY?

We’re all looking for help with the new way to advertise, optimize & grow your business?? Social Media profiles like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are essential to expanding your market reach online and improving sales & conversions.

Reach a larger audience by engaging through social networks where so many find comforted and at home. Go to them. They’re all too tired to drive to you.

Once you are ready to engage in the community, simply use the YouTube search bar to search for videos that would reflect your community/industry. Use keywords pertaining to your service/product/etc. to find relative videos worth sharing with your YouTube “friends” or community.
When you find a video you want to share or interact with, simply chose from any of the following techniques to do so…

  • “Like” a Post – Use this feature to tell the community that you like this video and to give its creator or uploader, “kudos.”
  • Comment on a post – Please feel free to engage in the conversation as well and share your feedback on the post.
  • Share – Use the share option to get a link to this video or share it on your favorite preferred platform like Twitter of Facebook.
  • Subscribe to the user who posted video you are watching – Use the subscription option to subscribe to a channel of someone important in your industry. You will then be notified via email any time this user has new posted content for you to review.
  • Friend – Just like in other social networks, support one another by using the “Friend” option in Youtube. Additionally. its important to friend users to be friended. We want to get in front of important people so that they can help us share our message, services, etc. How will they know what to share, unless we put ourselves in front of them!? Friend others you wish would friend you.REMEMBER: Friends and Subscribers see your YouTube Bulletins! YouTube also allows you to post “Bulletins” for your subscribers. This is similar to a status update on other social networks, such as Facebook. This means that even if you haven’t uploaded a new video, you can still get the word out to your subscribers about your latest promotions and updates! Of course, this also means that when you do upload a new video to your channel, you can post a bulletin about it as well. This will help increase the visibility of your new video to subscribers who have opted out of notification emails alerting them when a new video is posted.
  • Add to a playlist – Want to add a video to your YouTube channel (profile) while still giving credit to the owner? Essentially you can pull in the video data and display it on your page giving credit to the owner by adding it to one of your playlists. Simply click on the “Save to” button in labeled 1 in the image below and then select from an existing playlist as shown in label 2. If you need to create a new playlist name, simply click “Create a new playlist” show in label 3 and type in a new title or description for this playlist components.
  • Embed – Use this option to get code to insert into a webpage, blog or other online profile to display a video on an outside site or profile other than YouTube.
Still have questions? Please don’t hesitate to comment below or contact us for more 1-one-1 support!