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Search – FREE Remote Access and Desktop Control Software Installation Help is an online system used by businesses to login to local office computers to utilize programs not on their own systems or for others to login to your computer virtually so that you may see the computer screen of a computer that may not be near you.

Follow the instructions below to login…
or click here to skip and watch video tutorial on setting up LogMeIn

    1. Visit and create an account. It’s simple to follow the onscreen prompts to create an account and add a computer for accessing to that account.Just watch the video to the below for more info & to follow along.
    1. Once you add a computer, you should be able to access that computer by going to and logging in and then selecting the computer name you just added.
  1. Once selected you will need to click on “Remote Control” to access that computer screen from the computer you are on now.
  2. You will need to either enter the passwords you set up when installing or the passwords already determined by the computer you are trying to login to (like the default password when you turn on the computer.)

***If this computer is in use, you can tell by someone forcing the mouse back. If you need to use the system, use IM to see who is on the computer and make arrangements for use.***

Notes: Once logged In:

    • There will be a black bar at the top of your internet window.
      The right of this has icons for commands. Please review these commands for reference. The most important to remember is the 2nd to last icon of a window (box). Select this for viewing the whole screen. Once selected, you must click on silver bar at very top to see the black bar again for going back to a smaller window to see your own computer.
  • You may NOT copy from your computer and paste into another LogMeIn computer. You MAY however copy from windows within the LogMeIn computer. If you need to transfer content from your computer to the LogMeIn computer, you may email or IM yourself
    the information.