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Community Information

Search Engine Optimization is something that is constantly evolving and at times appears to be getting more difficult. Cal Coast Web Design frequently does research on what the next big trends are with the search engines and regularly update our SEO staff so that they can continue to market your website properly.

These days you need the content in your website to be as detailed as possible. This applies to your entire website however your community information should be your first focus when creating detailed information. Let’s say your office is based in New York City and you provide services to that city as well. It is not longer acceptable just to create city information for your community pages and place them on your website. The search engines now want to see things like demographics and average home prices. These should be broken down into separate categories too. They should appear on the page as Average Condo prices, Average Home Prices, and Average Townhome prices.

Many Cal Coast clients are just beginning to put or have this information put onto their community pages. We can always help you create such information but if you already have it and are prepared to have it added to your website, please feel free to send it to us here! Remember, the more details regarding your community, no matter how minuscule the better!