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What’s Up With My Links?

As I speak with many Cal Coast Web Design clients each month I am familiar with the many questions you all ask! Recently I’ve spoke with a few of you who have all asked, “I’ve got a ton of quality links on my site, why am I not seeing an increase in page rank and positioning?” This can be a confusing aspect of search engine optimization so let me clear it up for everyone.

When we initiate link exchange with other quality websites they are generally of a high page rank, 4 and above. As time passes and the search engines update themselves page rank can go up and down. When a websites page rank goes from say 4 down to 2 the link coming to your website from this other site is no longer of benefit to you. Remember when it comes to linking, quality is always going to win out over quantity.

When link exchanged is initiated with other sites, we place a link to their website on one of your pages in hopes that they will this as being proactive and add a link to your website. Unfortunately some of these people though they have fantastic sites never reciprocate and this leaves a link to their website but provides no benefit to you.

Both of the afore mentioned examples show types of links that should be removed from your website. Each month as Cal Coast assesses your SEO needs we also look through your website to determine if any of the links on your website fall into one of these scenario’s. If identified these links are removed immediately so that no harm is done to your search engine positioning. As always if you have questions about this, please contact us!