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7 Proven Ways to get Your Website on Page 1 Organically & then Convert

Shawn Moore from gave us some insight to the 7 proven ways to get your website on page 1 organically.

He began by explaining that your content, whether it be the text, videos or images, is the first impression your users will get, but those items are also important to how a search engine is going to interpret your website.

Shawn jumped into the navigation and architecture end of things by talking about how the structure of your menus and internal links is very important. Using JavaScript and Flash may not be as search friendly because of the lack of text and keywords.

Using blogs is another great way to generate more content to get indexed, which will give you better rankings.

The amount of links you have is important as well, but not as important as the quality of links. Get links from known sites with a good reputation. Also, try to ensure that those links are using keyword phrases and not just your website address or business name.

Shawn said that choosing the right database for your site is important. Some are not search engine friendly, so be sure to choose a database that cause you problems later on.

Try using electron press releases or optimized releases to get more exposure in search engines and keyword rich links in the content to increase your rankings.

And the 7th way to help improve your chances of getting on page 1 is choosing the proper domain name. Try to choose a domain name that use keywords or phrases. This will definitely give a little more of an upper-hand when trying to become more relevant.

You can even purchase another domain name and forward them to your website. Try thinking about what a user may type into the address bar of their browser and then register that domain for easy access.

That wraps this session up and as a “newby”, I definitely walked away with a lot of useful tips (7 to be exact)!