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DIY – Blogs, Forums & Social Networking….I’m a big kid now!

At Cal Coast Web Design, we are always so happy to hear when you are interested in working SEO angles yourself a bit. You truly know the most about what you do and will be able to “spin” your products in the appropriate direction in social networks. This means you can take your business to a level we never could with our knowledge. We know where and how, but not WHAT, if that makes sense. We only know what you have told us or what on your site and I’m certain you have plenty more tricks up your sleeve too!! You are the Zen master at what you do. You know the unique customer service you bring, you know what users say about your product or service.

So, with that being said, thank you to those of you who are dedicated to the process.

A great way to to this yourself is to search for blogs and other social networks where you can post or interact by searching for your keywords in Google.Just start clicking!Click on the results and see where those take you. Do you find links to blogs on those sites? Are there forums? Are there links to other social media sites? Are they actual social networks themselves?

Be sure you are documenting these places where your users (yes, your users, we were just searching for your keywords so they are your users) are at. Cal Coast can use these to help you establish yourself in these networks later.

For now, start establishing yourself by interacting in other spaces. If you must start a profile in there, keep your keywords in mind at all times. What can you tell them about you that will help other socialites in your networks trust you?????

Once you find a blog/site to post on or interact in, be sure that you are helping users, not pitching or selling your business product or service. You are there to help and nothing more. This builds trust. Trust brings sales and referrals! It will sell itself once you become a trusted adviser.

Now, when you are helping or posting in these social sites, be sure to include keywords when you can. If you can link these keywords back to coordinating pages of your site, even better!

Search engines place some value on the keywords surrounding your URL. It is very little though, so if you can actually link it up, that’s MUCH better.

Now remember though, not all social sites will allow linking. MOST however, will automatically hyperlink a URL, so just be sure to use rather than just

If the site doesn’t allow linking in text (please check site rules and regulations if necessary), sometimes they will allow it in your signature. That’s right, just sign your name and put your link to your site underneath. If you can put a slogan or closing standard comment that conveniently links to your keywords, that’s even better.

I think that’s enough to make you dangerous. Now just get out there and just start trying and just give us a quick call if you have any questions along the way. We’re here to help!