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Whats New, You? With Google Analytics & Optimizer of Course

“We dont talk about search enough here.” Avinash Kaushik is going to change that. He also wants to hear what cool things we as users are doing rather than the speakers talking more than necessary.

Bounce Rate – I can, I saw, I puked.

Don’t write any checks to Google that your website cant cash.

Of 50000 hits, 20000 were organic traffic users who came from 9500 keywords. People are changing the way they are finding search. They are using long tail phrases.

Most analytics tools are “data pukers,” he tells us. Clearly this guy is a Digger. They love puke and poop talk. LOL.

“If you don’t rank high for your Brand terms, you are incompetent.” LOL.

Types of terms – Branding, Category, Generic, Virgin searches….if you convince me, I will go with you because I don’t know better. LOL.

How do you get beyond the data puking to truly monetize it for your business?

1. Two problems, 2 solutions

  • Pay attention to your head terms vs long tail keywords. Hire 1 intern per kw for your head terms. When it comes to your head terms, obsess efficiently they warn.
  • He mentions the Keyword Position Report – This is the report that gives you kws and visits and it also shows you exactly the kw in which your ad appeared and how much that term contributed to sending users to your site. We are utilizing this same reports in place of standard WPG rankings for Google.

2. Apply Math

  • Mine data. Go ahead. Select any kw and see kws with higher traffic or lesser traffic to keep your head focus.
  • This report can also help you find trends.

3. Use multiple goals when measuring success

  • Measuring outcome gives you a much broader value.
  • Visitor Loyalty Report – See the number of times users return to your site

How do you Extend Google Analytics:

  • You can no integrate with Google Docs & Spreadsheets
  • Not just site numbers and %s anymore, but we can see raw numbers as well.
  • Theres a new “Open in a new tab” option. Fancy. LOL.

What’s New With Google Website Optimizer?

Tom Leung, Product Manager For Website Optimizer reviews the following with us…

  • Momentum
  • Resources
  • Partners
  • Product Updates
  • Examples
Why is testing main stream? Key Drivers Contributing:
  1. Economic climate we are in
    • advertisers are more focused on ROI and CPA than ever before.
    • Also leading agencies are offering landing page testing and tuning
    • 10 times the resources available than last year.
  2. Its all about what happens after the click.
    • Visitors have a lot of choices
    • They have high expectations.
    • Best practices landing page designs are the minimum anti. They should be usable and clear and convey our value proposition and match branding. Now take it to the next level. What number, what kinds of testimonials, etc.
    • In today’s market ROI and CPA are king.
3. FREE RESOURCES 4. New Partnerships
  • CMS Authorized Consultant can do all of the above for analysis, kws, etc. For rapid testing with minimal IT.
  • Partners receive designation and logo, tech support, marketing & promotion and links!
Product Updates:
  • Support Pruning!!!! There is now a checkbox for disabling sending traffic to future combinations you don’t like!!!!!!!!!! The more you remove, the more traffic goes to the others and the faster you move through the filtering process.
  • Improved Reports & Tag Validation -People needed to know when test was done and how there are doing. New color coding system with confidence intervals, conversion rates and a “winners box.”
  • Also added offline validation for A/B tests – Upload your goal page now!
Designing Your Test:
  • Does it look legit?
  • Is it intelligible with partial attention?
  • Is it simple to convert?
  • Is it compelling?
  • Look for Top landing Page
  • Set up AB test with different images, simpler text, cleaner layout and more. See Landing Page Testing & Tuning for more info.
  • Make It Fun