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Tips for Picking a WordPress Theme

Are you designing a website or thinking about redesigning a website and looking to save on cost, time, or don’t need a custom website?

I mean, someones been there, done that right? Why not use a design that’s even greater than something you can think of!?!?

If you are looking for templates (or themes as WordPress calls them), there are many great themes available through WordPress.

A WordPress theme is a template you can choose and it will be the basis of what your website will look like. There are thousands (and thousands more) of themes to choose from. So you can have your website look any way you want it to. You just have to decide what you want out of the theme, and how you are going to use your website.

Picking a theme for your new website or website redesign is easy! Fist decide what you want out of your website.

5 Tips for Picking a WordPress theme

  1. What purpose do you have for your website?
    • Is it a blog, is it a website, or both. (Both is the RIGHT answer by the way.) 😉
    • You need to know before you pick a theme because different themes have different functions.
  2. Pick what functions you want your website to do.
    • Are you going to be using your website to sell products? If you are select a theme that is able to use plugins such as Paypal or other online payment providers.
  3. Not all themes have everything installed and ready (you can add extensions to add many different plugins to the theme you selected though, such as social media sharing bar etc…)
    This is a popular social media plugin for WordPress
  4. WordPress is very customizable.
    • Almost anything can be changed to suit your needs.
  5. Testing will take time and require lots of plug and play with your selected theme. If you are willing to work within the parameters of the theme it will take substantially less amount of time but if you have predetermined branding or custom fonts, etc.. it can take a lot longer.

How to pick a WordPress Theme Online

Google is the best tool for setting up a website through WordPress.

If your looking for a certain type of template add artistic or design to your search. There are hundreds of thousands of themes already made and you can find anything you want.

Some options for finding WordPress themes…
  • WordPress – Simply click here for their own database of themes.  (Many free. Some a small fee.)
  • WordPress Theme Base – Another large directory of free and paid themes.
  • Google – There are hundreds of websites out there that offer themes.  Feel free to just visit Google and type in a search phrase like ” WordPress theme”
    i.e. – “photography WordPress theme” or “free real estate WordPress theme” etc.
  • Elementor – Our preferred customizable ADA friendly responsive themes.
Make sure you take note of the theme you want to use by saving the URL of the page you land on, and maybe even the URL of the page where the theme is available to download.  If we cant find the download link, it cant be used.  And sometimes sites will have an example of a theme without a link.  Make sure you have that accessible if you have been asked by a Cal Coast rep to pick one. 🙂

By using a WordPress theme you can save hundreds to sometimes thousands of dollars by not having a custom site built!

For more information on how the step by step process on how to get your theme up and running follow this guide.

If you or your company does not have time to set up your desired website Cal Coast Web Design, we can do this for you today! We offer affordable plans that use WordPress themes to save on start up costs. We work within your budget!