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RSS-a-roni – Cal Coaster May 2006

Cal Coast would like to take a moment to remind you that we have even more support now! Please do not forget that if at any time one of your account managers is unavailable to return an email, will have your request expedited ASAP! With this in mind, please know that Angie Weeks and Angela Collins are often in business meetings and can’t always expedite your requests immediately. SUPPPORT is here to help. Additionally please feel free to use any of the email addressed below for more info – website requests and modifications – General Info – Billing questions answered here! – To speak with a sales representative to begin website design or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a new site.

As we discussed in last month’s Cal Coaster newsletter, one of the most important things you can have on your Web site is lots of content. Search engines love content, and the more you have and the more often it’s updated, the better the chances your web site will be returned in the top of the search results.

In last month’s newsletter, we focused on how to create original content for your Web site (check out the April 2006 issue for our Content Casserole recipe.) This month, we’re focusing on improving your Web site search results by adding continually changing content. One way to ensure you have new, updated content on your Web site every day is to subscribe to an RSS feed. RSS feeds are used for syndicated information, such as news reports and podcasts. The feeds broadcast content to subscribers in real time, and when placed on your Web site, they can improve your search engine ranking by adding more content to your site. Each time an item on your site is updated by your RSS feed, a new set of keywords is recorded, helping to ensure that your Web site remains at the top of the search results.

Available for almost every topic imaginable, RSS feeds act like a news ticker, providing service or product related information for visitors to your site. Many feeds are often free or require a small subscription fee for the service, making it an extremely economical way to ensure your site is updated on a daily basis. Check out our recipe for RSS-A-Roni for more information about RSS feeds, and if you are interested in adding an RSS feed to your Web site, or if you have any questions, contact Cal Coast anytime.


  • Pinch of RSS Education Crumbs
  • Prepared Web Site Template
  • 2 Cups News Noodles
  • Relevance Sauce

** Add RSS Education Crumbs to your Web site toolkit. RSS is the abbreviation for one of three terms (Really Simple Syndication; Rich Site Summary; RDF Site Summary) that all mean the same thing. RSS, no matter what it stands for, is written using XML language for Web syndication. Used primarily for news Web sites, blogs and podcasting, RSS feeds broadcast information to subscribers.

** Prepare Web site for RSS-A-Roni by researching available RSS feeds or having Cal Coast do it for you. RSS feeds can be placed directly on your Web site and provide dynamic information that automatically updates on a regular basis. New content on your site is very appealing to search engines and subscribing to an RSS feed can help ensure that your Web site displays new content daily.

** Combine News Noodles with Relevance Sauce and stir vigorously. Available for almost every industry or topic, RSS feeds are often free and can ensure that visitors to your site can always find the latest news and information on things that are relevant to your business. From realty to education, RSS feeds exist for nearly every topic you can imagine and can add a great deal of impact on your site.

**Pour News Noodle and Relevance Sauce mixture in your prepared site template. Once fully assembled, your Web site will automatically receive updates from the RSS feeds you have chosen. And with daily news updates, your site will be more attractive to search engines and visitors.

If you are interested in placing RSS feeds on your Web site, contact Cal Coast today for more information.

Web Position Reports Available Online

Monthly Web Position Reports are a great way to discover if your Web site is living up to its potential. Cal Coast compiles your search results for various keywords and phrases in the top 20 search engines and provides you an easy to read report that shows how well your site performed in those searches.

Until recently, Web Position Reports were emailed to our clients. But due to file size restraints, Cal Coast will now be posting the reports at Beginning in June, customers are asked to visit the Cal Coast Support site at the beggining of each month to download their file. This new process will make it easier to obtain and access your Web Position Report. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Cal Coast anytime.

Thanks Cal Coaster Subscribers!


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