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Baked Blog Casserole – New Public Relations Program – Cal Coaster June 2006

Our past few editions of the Cal Coaster Newsletter have focused on the importance of content on your Web site. As you already know, search engines are driven by content and keywords on your site. When a user types in a phrase, search engines compile a list of Web sites that contain that information. If you’ve created and implemented content correctly, your web site should appear near the top of the search results when a user enters keywords relevant to your site.

Cal Coast’s New Public Relations Programs Help Build Your Business

Cal Coast Web Design now offers Public Relations services for our clients to help elevate your business, products or services as well as build brand and attract customers. Our PR professionals can help you develop a custom program to help reach your target audiences. Stay tuned for the July issue of the Cal Coaster newsletter for more details on this new program or call us today for information on how we can economically build a program to help elevate your company to a new level of expertise.

So how can you add more content to your site? Well in addition to RSS feeds that we discussed in last month’s newsletter, many businesses are beginning to use the power of blogging to gain visitors. Blogs are many times described as online journals or diaries, but they are far more than just a place to record your thoughts on the Web. Blogs are extremely popular and often times take on a life of their own once started. Beginning a blog on your site or on a dedicated site such as, can help to attract more visitors as well as up your standings with search engines.

A blog can take many forms and contain any content you wish. Since your goal is to drive traffic to your Web site and gain exposure for your company and products, it is best to keep content professional and relevant. News releases about a recent award or your latest product enhancement are great places to start. Once posted, visitors to your blog can leave comments and additional information, adding more content with each keystroke. In addition, adding seeded keywords as well as cleverly incorporated links to your site can help increase traffic. As you add weekly or monthly updates to your blog, more and more content becomes accessible to search engines, helping drive visitors to your blog and ultimately your site.

If you are interested in creating a blog for your business, please contact Cal Coast for more information. Our content professionals will be more than happy to create and mange a program to fit your needs or simply assist you in developing a blog of your own.

Baked Blog Casserole with Relevance Sauce

  • Dash of Research
  • Pinch of Creativity
  • ½ cup Keyword Seeds
  • 1 lb Link Linguine
  • Relevance Sauce

Add a Dash of Research to your current SEO program and investigate large blogging websites such as Other blogging websites exist so spend a few moments researching your choices and select the blogging site you think is best for you.

Use a pinch of creativity to develop content for your blog. Focus on new or unique services or products your company offers. Many customers choose to create press releases or testimonials for posting, but a simple journal about your company will work as well. Cal Coast can help you create this content and can even create a blogging program for you. Our content professionals can add to your blog weekly and help to drive business to your Web site.

Prepare link linguine and sprinkle content with keyword seeds. When you post a blog about your company, products or services on a dedicated blogging site, you should also creatively add links to your main Web site throughout the content. By doing so, visitors to your blog can find out about the unique aspects of your business as well as link directly to your site. Keywords are also important for search engines and will help ensure that your site is returned near the top of search results. Since your blog will the searched for keywords every time a search is conducted, be sure to use as many keywords as possible when developing content.

Cover with Relevance Sauce. Once your blog is posted, be sure to update it regularly with relevant news or information about your business, products or services. In addition, visitors can also add information, further enhancing your content and blog.