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Call-To-Action Casserole – Cal Coaster July 2006

Why is the July newsletter so late you ask? Well, because Cal Coast was getting incorporated. That’s right, we’re still growing! Cal Coast Web Design Inc now offers even more services. From web design, corporate identities, search engine optimization and press release marking packages, Cal Coast Inc. can cover any part of your online presence. With the new incorporation came new letterhead, new applications, new miscellaneous paperwork and of course a new bank account! Due to the to the much needed change in our accounting software in transferring all client balances, your current invoices only display July’s balance, so for those of you just a bit behind, please note that any old balances are not shown on this months invoice. We apologize for any inconvenience as we continue to grow and service you better.

For the past several months, our Cal Coaster newsletter has focused on the importance of content on your Web site. We have discussed how RSS feeds, press releases and blogs can all help improve your search engine rankings. In this month’s Cal Coaster, we will be taking the concept of great content one step further and will be focusing on how to get visitors to your site to become customers of your business.

One of the best ways to ensure that visitors to your site actually become clients is to add calls-to-action to your Web site. Calls-to-action are used to inspire visitors to your site to complete some sort of action to get more information about you and your service. For example, a call-to-action for an ecommerce site may be to purchase a product, while for a real estate site, it may be entering contact information or searching for new homes. By giving your visitors the ability to quickly act on their impulse to know more about your service or purchase your product, you are more likely to have visitors to your site become your next customer.

Calls-to-action are easy to implement and should be included throughout your content. Whether you want your visitors to buy, search, subscribe, register, call or contact, adding calls-to-action can help visitors more easily navigate your site and find the information they need. So now that you are seeing your stats rise through your Cal Coast SEO marketing program, let us help you increase your sales by adding calls-to-action on your site. Check out this month’s recipe for Call-to-Action Casserole to find out how calls-to-action can help make your Web site more attractive to visitors.

Call-to-Action Casserole

  • 1 cup Research Sauce
  • 1 tbsp Prepared Content
  • 1 box of Navigation Noodles
  • Dash of Design
  • Keyword Seeds

Prepare Research Sauce. The first step in establishing an effective call-to-action Web site is determining who your customers are and what action you want them to take. Are they men or woman? Are they young or old? Do you want them to purchase a product, register for a prize or contact you about your service?

Prepare Content according to Web site objectives. Once you have established who your customers are and what actions they should take, it is important to develop straightforward, easy-to-read content for your site. Not only will great content help you improve your rankings, but it will also help influence your customers to use your service. Most Web surfers have a very limited attention span, and short copy can often times be more effective than long paragraphs. Words that are important should be bolded or underlined to add emphasis.

Combine research sauce and content with Navigation Noodles. Be sure your site visitors can easily navigate between your pages and calls-to-action links. Using breadcrumb links is a great way to show the user exactly where they are on your site and how to get back to the information that interests them.

Mix in a dash of design. Design is a very important aspect of a call-to-action Web site. Call-to-action links should be clearly visible to the user. Often times, using large buttons that standout from the rest of your design is the best approach to take. Visitors won’t SEARCH FOR HOMES or BUY NOW if they can’t figure out how to do it. Calls-to-action should be placed on almost every page of your Web site and should be easy to find at all times.

Sprinkle the entire mixture with Keyword Seeds. As always, seeding keywords is of the utmost importance no matter who your customers are or what action you want them to take. Be sure to use your keywords as often as possible through out your site.

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