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Testimonial Tini’ – Cal Coaster August 2006

August Cal Coaster

We thank you for your continued dedication to improving your
online business presence with Cal Coast. Most of us will agree
that word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful forms of advertising.
That’s why this month’s Cal Coaster newsletter focuses on adding
testimonials from your customers to your Web site. By giving visitors
to your site a way to find out more about your product or service
from people that have worked with you, you can help reassure potential
customers that you are a well-respected business.

Adding testimonials to your site is a simple process that your
customers are usually more than happy to help you with. We have
included a sample form in this issue of the CalCoaster to help
you get started with the process. Simply email your best customers
and ask them to submit their own testimonial. Then Cal Coast will
create a special testimonials page for your site and all visitors
can see what a great service or product you offer.

Testimonial Template

Hello ,

Thank you so very much for your business. It was a pleasure working
with you. I am in the process of further developing my website.
One of the additions is our newly created testimonials page. We
are so excited about all the great feed back we have received
from our clients and were hoping to post it to our site as a valuable
service for new visitors. If you find a moment and think of us
please drop by our website at http://www.YourDomain
We would very much appreciate it if you replied to this email
with your own testimonial! We thank you for your support and look
forward to hearing from you. Your time is appreciated. As always,
please feel free to contact me with any questions. Again it has
been my pleasure. Have a wonderful day!


Cal Coast would very much appreciate the same from you. This
month we are asking our valued clients to submit their own testimonial.
Just simply write up a couple sentences and email to any of your
Cal Coast reps or straight to We
thank those of you who have already filled our inboxes with kind
words and encouragement.

Testimonial ‘Tini

1 Prepared Testimonial Template

Splash of Gratitude

1 ounce Creativity

Pinch of Tech Savvy

Prepare Testimonial Template. Use the template above to request
testimonials from your customers. Remember that your customers
are doing you a favor so always ADD a splash of Gratitude. Be
sure to tell your clients that you are very appreciative of their
feedback and offer many thanks for their time.

Add 1 ounce Creativity to Testimonial Template. A testimonial
template is just a guide. Feel free to add personalized information
for each client. You may even reference work you have done for
them in order to spark their memory about what a great job you
have done.

Stir in a pinch of Tech Savvy. Once your testimonials are complete,
send them over to for implementation.
We can format your testimonials and create a new page where visitors
to your site can find out how your customers feel about your product
or service.

Billing update

Just a quick note to advise you we are changing our billing policy
Cal Coast monthly bills are now due pon receipt Adjustments were
made so your hard working VA can receive payment for services
sooner. We thank you in advance for sending in those payments
your business and support are much appreciated!

Please feel free to contact Support with any questions. We look
forward to hearing from you.


Cal Coast Web Design, Inc.