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Networking Nachos – Cal Coaster September 2006

It’s hard to believe that the summer is almost over and that fall is right around the corner. As we gear up our SEO marketing efforts for the last quarter of the year, we will be focusing this month’s CalCoaster newsletter on a tool known as Web-based social networking. Believe it or not, popular networking sites like MySpace are quickly becoming as important as top search engines in directing traffic on the Web. And through Web-based networking, you can take advantage of that power to help grow your Web site traffic as well as your business.

As we have discussed in the last several newsletters, content, blogging and word-of-mouth marketing such as PR is vital to a successful SEO program. Like those tools, Web-based social networking can help generate traffic for your site and increase your business. So what is Web-based social networking? Web-based social networking is simply a way to build relationships online and drive traffic to your Web site. Through sites such as MySpace or Facebook, you can create company profiles, post useful links and add to your contact database. Check out this month’s recipe for Networking Nachos to find out more about how networking sites can help take your rankings to the next level.

Beginning in October, CalCoast will begin creating profiles and blogging about you and our other clients on popular networking sites including MySpace, Facebook, Friendster and Linkedin. If you prefer CalCoast not use your company name or information for Web-based networking or on a particular networking site, please contact as soon as possible.

Networking Nachos

  • 2 cups prepared Content
  • Pinch of Keyword Seeds
  • 1 pound of your Favorite Web sites
  • ½ cup Contacts
  • Dash of Web site Links

Add your prepared content to your favorite networking site. If you’re in the Real Estate industry be sure to check out, a networking site dedicated to realtors, brokers and others in the field. Once you have selected your sites, add content to your page or information. This is a great way for visitors to learn more about you and your services. And remember: there is no such thing as too much exposure. Feel free to create profiles or pages on every networking site available.

Sprinkle Keywords over your content. Don’t forget that keywords are the foundation of a great SEO marketing plan. By adding keywords to your networking page, you can increase your search engine rankings as well as help drive people to your profiles and Web site.

Add your favorite Web sites to your profile or page. Adding favorite links to your page can help visitors to your site better understand who you are and feel more connected to you. Of course, be sure to wisely choose your favorite links so that it prompts visitors to use your business instead of a competitors.

Once your content is prepared, keyword seeded and linked to the outside world, begin creating contacts. From past clients to prospective partners, adding contacts to your page or profile can help you find more people on the social networking site. Often times, people you have listed as friends or contacts pass your information along to the contacts on their list, greatly increasing your number of prospective customers in a matter of weeks

Last but certainly not least, be sure to add links to your Web site wherever possible. Let the world know what you do and how to find out more about you by linking to your about and home pages, as well as any press releases or news articles written about your company.

New Cal Coast Payment Policy

Please note that Cal Coast has modified its payment policy for all clients. Payments must now be made upon receipt and will be considered late after 15 days from delivery. If you have any questions about this change, please contact

New Posting Tools for Real Estate Professionals

The internet offers extensive tools for real estate professionals. Check out Google Base ( and Postlets ( to find out how you can post information about your listings and have it broadcast throughout the Web. When you use Postlets or sites like it, your listings are automatically submitted to several classifieds search engines to maximize your reach across the Internet. And best of all, its free! For more information on Google Base or Postlets, please contact

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