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Last week we had the pleasure of attending one of the “Godfather of sales” seminars. Would you like some secrets from the expert?! Jeffrey Gitomer taught us plenty of ways to generate new clients and to go out and try new methods of generating business. In his seminar Gitomer said the new way of cold calling was through social media. Here are 5 ways to develop new customers

Orange County Social Media: 5 new methods to create clients

  1. QR Code: Gitomer taught us in the seminar that by using QR codes it will direct your customer right to your website, video, or whatever link you want – all from a smart phone! When there is less steps to get to your product, it gives you more of a chance to make that sale.
  2. You Tube Videos: By utilizing You Tube it gives you a way to show the customer by testimonial, commercials, or instructional videos that the product your selling is a necessity.
  3. Twitter: Jeffrey gave us an example in his seminar about tweeting a topic and within minutes over 100,000 people saw the article. This is because his fan base saw it, liked it, and they Re-tweeted it; so the word got out instantly AND virally.
  4. Facebook: Keeping connected with all your clients on a personal and business level is hard to do when you have many clients. With Facebook, it makes it possible to show all your leads and customers what your business offers while staying in touch on a personal level. Facebook gives you the ability to show pictures of your products and connect links to your business pages…are you utilizing it for business yet?
  5. LinkedIn: While Facebook helps you stay connected with current customers Linkedin allows you to generate new leads and find possible new employees for your office. We all know cold calling is extremely difficult; Gitomer states that LinkedIn is the new and improved “Cold Call” and method to generate easy leads.

Gitomer, the author of 10 best selling books, stated in his latest book “Social Boom” that it is a necessity for every businesses to implement all 5 of these social media strategies to be successful in today’s economy and generate ideal customers.

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