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Jeffrey Gitomer teaches from experience about the Art of sales

Zac and I attended a social seminar hosted by none other than Jeffrey Gitomer. A laugh out loud, get down to business kind of guy put sales in a fresh spotlight for us and taught from experience.

For example, given the choice between two restaurants, he not only based his choice on the quality of his meal, but the SERVICE. While one waiter tells him “I’ll get to you in a moment”, the other says “Right Away.”

Which one would you choose? First and maybe most obvious rule if you want to make that sale: You get to that client RIGHT AWAY.

Second most obvious rule: Be friendly. “People want to do business with their friendssays Gitomer.

Jeffrey gave us 10 more rules to follow as sales guidelines to success with your customers and long-term relationships that bring in your “regulars”:

1.) Your attitude must be positive. We’re not just talking the salespeople, ALL of your employees. If you have a bad attitude, You Lose.

2.) Maintain pricing. Don’t battle price pressures. Instead hold your prices and let your quality and service shine.

3.) Tell your customers what you CAN do. Never start a sentence with “We can’t…”

4.) Train everyone to answer every question from a customer. Send them to voicemail, and they’ll just find someone else. “The new world is immediate.” says Jeffrey, assigning our new hours: “24-7-265 is the new 9-5.”

5.) Be Service ready, not just sales ready.

6.) Use the words “Thank You.” When an order is received and after an order is delivered. Deliver your orders with Sincerity.

7.) Be active and in-depth. Attract, engage and connect WITH VALUE.

*Give your customers a chance to talk to you on Facebook.

*Connect and link on Linkedin

*Social Media for business is no longer an option.

8.) Create you weekly e-mail magazine that has more value messages and proactively

send them to your customers.

9.) Make sure that upper management communicates.

10.) Employment technology should be implemented in everything, especially sales.

* Create mobile apps and faster and easier ways for people to buy from you.

He says there’s a surge coming, and we all need to be on board when it comes. This not only means have the best technology at your fingertips, but use that technology to show your value. Engage and Connect with your clients using Social Media.

Remember, Social Media is not an option for business anymore, but an essential. Jeffrey states this in his book “Social Boom”, one of ten books he’s written on the subject of sales.

And here at Cal Coast, that’s the name of our game 🙂 We know you can’t do it all alone. Let us help you get started with a free Social Media consultation.

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