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How Realtors Can Leverage Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the net’s biggest websites. If you know how to tap into this site’s vast power, you’ll generate 5-50 internet leads a week.

Coach Chadi Bazzi along with Tom Ferry offered some proven steps today

  1. Create a gmail account.
  2. Create a minimum of 5 craigslist accounts. When the site requests your email, use your next acct is +2, etc.
  3. Phone verify your accounts. This is a must. Enter your phone numbers. Get from Or skype.
  4. Create image ads / banner ads, and use in your post. Try, and get one for $35 bux.
  5. Host your ad. Try Or Flickr.
  6. Upload your picture.
  7. Create the html code, which you can see on Chadi Bazzi’s excellent video at”http:>
  8. Headlines are crucial! Good Craigslist headlines with proven success: ‘search for a home just like an agent for free’. (NEVER include the # of beds or a dollar amount or a specific city. You’re trying to generate a lead, not give away the cow right now.) Here are some other winners: ‘find out why all countyname homebuyers are coming here first’. ‘at least one bargain deal can be found here each day’. ‘just sold for over asking price’. ‘why is everyone using this new homesearch tool? You won’t believe its free!’
  9. Test & tweek. will help you. Insert the code into html as in step 7. Aim for your ads to get 100 clicks a day.
  10. Get a stealth website or video with a compelling message. (You know, a courteousy service, nooooo branding. Settle that ego for a sec!)

Rules for Posting

  1. Never post more than 3 ads per day from a single account.
  2. Every time you go from one acct to another, clear your cookies!!! Or use a different browser. LOL.
  3. Know the heavy traffic times! (btw 3-9pm) Post only in the afternoon!!!

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