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Adding Your Real Estate Listings To Google Maps

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Our fellow marketing friend & columnist at Realty Times, Bill Koelzer, recently shared with us another article by Inman News titled “Google Adds Detail Pages For Listings” focusing on listings display evolving at Google Maps.”Google seems to have just stolen the NAR’s thunder.” Bahahahahahaha!!!! I love it! For more information, please feel free to review the free articles below… Making it easy for you to find the property you want on Google Maps – Straight from the Oz Google Blog themselves Google Builds Out A National Real Estate Search Engine – A Search Engine Land featured article simply visit the Official Google Maps FAQs for Real Estate Agents and Brokers to get help with questions like the below…

Advanced Access Clients Have it Easy If you have an AA site then rest easy because getting your listings on Google Maps is EASY!!! All you have to do is add your listings to Advanced Access Virtual Office List Now Section and THATS IT! When you use AA’s listing option you automatically get your listing included into Google Maps. Not sure how to add your listing??

  • Log into the Virtual Office
  • Click Property Tools
  • Click List Now
  • Click Add Listing
  • Add Details and Save all Changes!
Would you like help getting your listings added to Google maps, simply contact us for a free quote!