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Free Secrets on How to Tweet, Retweet and Find Local Tweeters

Twitter is a very important part of your SMO Campaign. It seems everyone is tweeting and more and more are jumping on the bandwagon. So is there a way to Tweet properly?? Yes there is and we want to show you how.

Using the below tools for 15 minutes a day can really launch your business to the next level.

  • Setting Up Twitter: First things first you need a Twitter account. Luckily setting one up is pretty simple and you can be tweeting away in no time.If you are a Cal Coast client we most likely have already created you a Twitter account or will be doing so during Phase 7 of your SEO Campaign.
    Click Here to Learn How to Set Up A Twitter Account
  • Finding Friends on Twitter: You can find friends on Facebook a couple of different ways. Below are the different wants and instructions on how to connect with others.
    Click Here to Learn How to Find Friends on Twitter