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DIY – E-zine Marketing: Creating Articles & E-zine Distributing – Do It Yourself SEO

As always, the Cal Coast team encourages you to Do It Yourself with an SEO campaign. You know what you do best!

DIY – E-zine Marketing: Creating Articles & E-zine Distributing – Do It Yourself SEO:

As mentioned by Cal Coast designers & marketers before, there are only a handful of sites where a user can make up articles about anything they want and have it reach whoever they want right away. It is standard to prove your worth and value to establish trust before having special article privileges.

Lets think about this rationally though, who would want that info from just anyone?. I want to get advice, resources, information, tips, tricks & more from the leading industry experts related to my query. With that being said, you must take time to research the appropriate article and ezine publications and distribution services to ensure you are in the right location for targeting your demographic.

  • We recommend finding sites or ezine magazines that have more content pertaining to your visitor. Obviously this means more targeted niche traffic for you! Often times this means starting with keyword research so that you will know which terms to use in your own search queries. These keywords are also crucial to include in your author/publisher profiles and CREATIVELY in your content for the actual articles themselves. Once you find the appropriate places to start establishing your reputation in, please begin creating your profile(s). It can take time to establish a worthy profile. Don’t be discouraged. We know its been some time (ok all that time) and we haven’t even made an article yet!
  • Once you know where to distribute and your all set up, read the guidelines before you start. Each ezine magazine or article directory will have its own set of rules & guidelines. ensure you follow them precisely or your efforts are in vane and you will not be approved, distributed or indexed :(Click HERE to view our E-zine Marketing & Advertising – Articles & Ezines Creation & Submission Services page online for specific questions related to the content of the articles.
  • Now you may start creating content! Go back to your keyword research and select the main keyword you wish to improve your rankings in the search engines for. We recommend you cross reference with a Web Position Reports & Google Analytics to see where you rank quickly and asses which term need rankings or improved traffic & conversions. Some keywords are easier than others, it is important that you get creative and use topics relevant to keyword. (Example: “Huntington Beach real estate”, you can write an article about redesigning your home, moving, home improvement etc. As you see the topic isn’t “huntington beach real estate” but you can easily fit the keyword into it when talking about relevant topics.Keywords can appear in the article once or twice but it MUST sound natural and not spammy. You need to get creative here!!!! You will be later submitting them to E-Magazines and they are very picky about spam and you do not want to be seen as a spammer. Your purposes it to help, inform, educate, provide resources and tools, not promote yourself or your business That will come naturally after you establish yourself as a trustworthy advisor in your industry and throughout your selected social network & online profile environments.

    When creating the title DO NOT use the keyword unless it is DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE CONTENT SPECIFICALLY. Your title needs to be relevant to the article and should sound natural. Using the keyword in the title inappropriately will flag your article and it will get instantly declined. If you have any questions on your title, please contact a CCWD representative.

    NOTE! – Per instructions to read specific ezine guidelines, some sites will not allow for any keywords in titles. We instead recommend, adding all links in the bio or resource section. Your bio/resource section can include Client Name, Phone number, Email & Web Site address. If your article submission site accepts html, you may include your keywords & company name linking to your URL in place of just a straight http URL.

  • Now it is time to start submitting your articles & ezines! You should have already research above for appropriate distributions its, but if now, begin your search by tying in simple Google queries like “E-zine article distribution or submission directories & sites” or any versions of that 😉
  • Now sit back and wait for your article to get accepted and indexed. This process takes longer at first as it required more time to proof your submissions when you are a newbie. Some sites will send you an email when accepted. Others you must check back o yourself. Once approved and live online, this information is now available to their network of subscribers. Additionally these sites are often syndicated and redistributed through other sites and users with readers (that means journalists too folks)!We encourage you to start sharing with others yourself too. We recommend you now go and post about your article on your blog. Be sure to include an intro paragraph on why we posted the article there and how it is relevant to your business. Then simply link out to it.Commenting after the blog post with any additional information to help make it fit the blog and incorporate linking keywords in helpful as well!
  • Almost there, just go out and keep sharing the link to your article on all your favorite social networking sites!
  • Keep tracking, tuning & testing with your Web Position Reports & Google Analytics to see how your articles have been improving your rankings!

If you have any questions about your E-zine & article marketing or on how to handle a particular online web article distribution situation, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 949-229-5932.

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