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How To Choose A Domain Name – Help Picking a Domain From Web Experts

Need help picking a domain name? Choosing a domain name is a little bit of a process. Make sure you reserve an hour or three to do this!

Its time to put on your thinking cap! A domain name choice is a tough decision. Basically your domain name is your “.com” address. Don’t get us wrong, all domain names don’t have to end in .com. Common domain name extensions include .net, .org, .ws, and many more. Its up to you to decide what will be an appropriate name for your website.

Cal Coast recommends that you choose a domain name that is descriptive of your website, or a domain name that is catchy. If you go the descriptive route then do not make your domain name a mile long – it needs to be easy to remember. Good domain names can include your name, your business name, your slogan, your main idea, your main KEYWORD, your cause. Make it short and sweet.

Try this idea: Set a timer for one minute, and write down as many descriptive words about your website as possible. Don’t judge. Just write. Put one on each line. When the time is up, put a .com after all of them. Anything sound good?

We recommend keeping the following tips in mind…

  • Although certainly not the end all to search engine tactics, testing has shown that websites with keywords in their domain names do better in the search results for that keyword.
  • Who ever remembers the .net? If you decide to go the .net route because your .com is already taken, remember that if you do outside marketing to drive traffic to your website, you may just be sending your competition more business instead. If you hear a web address on the radio or quickly see it on a billboard, how often do you remember the extension? Its burned into us to remember the dot com, so beware!
  • Make it user friendly and well, KISS….Keep It Simple Stupid – Keep it short and make sure we can spell it easily!

When you find a few potentials, then its time to check for availability. There’s many places on the internet who will offer you a free domain name search, including Cal Coast Web Design. Just click here to check for domain availability.

Don’t be discouraged if your first choices are already taken. Buying a domain is the latest craze. Don’t expect to choose the perfect domain name in an hour either. Take your time and choose what’s best for you.

After you choose your domain name its time to register it! BE SURE THIS IS YOUR “FINAL ANSWER”, AS DOMAIN NAMES ARE NON REFUNDABLE.

Cal Coast highly recommends that when you register a domain name you do it through our supported domain name selection site, because there are sites out there that sell false domain names. You don’t want to get caught up with one of those. Basically these sites will take your money and only give you a half-functioning domain name. This can include a domain name that cannot be transferred from server to server, a domain name that is an extension of the someone else’s domain name (ie., and even a domain name that requires a fee to be connected with a website. Stay away from any company who works like this – they can hinder your site’s production and Internet exposure.

Once your domain name is registered its time to build your website 🙂 Click here for details on getting started with your professional website design!

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