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What is Hosting? Where do I get hosted? I dont understand!

What is hosting??? If you didn’t know there was a difference between creating a site and getting it on the web – well – now you do. Hosting is the process of an energy source (a server) posting your images, text, and programs on the internet for the rest of the world to see. Servers are large, complicated, and expensive – so you’ll want to pay someone to deal with the process of hosting your website! Unless your site is extremely complicated, these fees are usually minimal. In order to better serve you, Cal Coast has partnered with Wild West Domains (an affiliate company of to put your website online. Hosting with Cal Coast will provide you the following:

  • Easy editing and uploading method
  • High Powered Servers
  • Email forwarding w/auto response ability
  • In depth statistics access
  • A good customer service department
  • Company stability

We know its tough to go out and find these types of companies, so we’ve brought it to you. Cal Coast Hosting is a very stable, affordable, & modernized hosting solution. If you choose to go through us, we will set everything up for you – just ask 🙂

If you prefer to research your own host, we’re more than happy to upload your website to their servers as well. Just be sure to let us know your website login information!

Now that you have decided on a host for your website its time to get your custom website design online!