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Internet & Website Basics

Cal Coast believes that the best way to have a successful website is to educate yourself about the product. We know that most of you don’t have time to live your life and learn what’s important regarding your site, so we have put together a crash course for you here:

Important Definitions

Domain Nameis your address. Every website needs to have a domain name for advertisement and search engine purposes.

Contenttext or information exclusive to your website. The more content your website has, the better. Content should be educational and geared toward your site visitors. Add as many pages as possible and make sure your information is clear and concise.

Hyperlinksoutside websites that you link out to through your website. You should have as many hyperlinks as possible, and aim to have links that support the theme of your site.

Link Popularitynetworking with similar sites to have a link on your website to them, and a link on their website to you. Read that sentence again and let it sink in. Its important.

Search Engineswebsites whose purpose is to categorize and refer an index of websites to the public. The more search engines your website is on, the more exposure you will have on the internet 🙂 To learn
more about the search engines click HERE.

HTMLstands for Hyper Text Markup Language, and is the programming code most websites consist of. If you’d like to see the HTML of any webpage right click on the background and select “view source”.

Meta tagsa portion of your HTML code targeted toward the search engines. Meta Tags include keywords and descriptions of your website.

Emailmethod of sending mail/messages via the internet. An email address is a necessity for your website, so if you do not have one yet get it now. Because many people still use a dial up line, their phone is tied up when they are looking at your website. If your site does not have a way to immediately contact you, then clients will be lost due to the inconvenience.

Formsinteractive features your websites should have. Forms generally use a fill in the blank method which allows your visitors to contact you through email to give you feedback, contact information, etc. The more your users can interact with your website, the longer they will stay there.

Congratulations you got through the basics 🙂 Feel free to save this page as a favorite or email it to a friend! We’ll update it often to keep your knowledge fresh.