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CCWD Shortboard Video Testimonial Open House: Elevate Your Sales With The Proven Influence of Video

Improve your website , newsletter marketing, social profiles & other online presence with PROVEN selling power.

Elevate your sales with the influence of video testimonials.

The Nielsen survey, which researches consumers on their attitudes toward thirteen types of advertising– from conventional newspaper and television ads to branded web sites and consumer-generated content; found that overall, consumers trust other consumers above all else! 78% of respondents said they trusted the recommendation of other consumers.

At Cal Coast, we’ve personally seen many a raving fan assist in our conversion rates both on and offline. Its how we plan to stay in business a long time! And so…

Cal Coast Web Design invites you to our Shortboard Video Testimonials Open House


We invite any and all past & current Cal Coast clients, contractors, & friends!

If you’ve worked with Cal Coast Web Design before, we would love to hear from you! And, even if you’re not a past client, but have learned something valuable from one of our blogs, social profiles, speaking engagements or networking groups; we invite you too!


Bring a client or friend ready to star in a video testimonial for your product or service! Or, if Cal Coast has used your services, we are happy to provide a testimonial as well. Come equipped with ideas though! It will be a busy day. You’ll want to be prepared with video outlines & preparation!

Cal Coast will have a laptop webcam set up to record yourself or even a hand held for quickly shooting “in action.” Please note that this is basic webcam quality.

*If you would like to upgrade to our Professional Package, we have invited Jayson Duncan of Miller Farm Media to offer professional video production services. Click HERE for more information.

Once your Cal Coast Web Design video testimonial is recorded, it will be added to our YouTube account AND our website at (and potentially other marketing materials). Additionally, it will be linking back to your website with keywords to help in the search engines as well!

Once your own business testimonial is filmed, you will be emailed the video file as a zipped “.wmv” file along with a DIY tutorial on how to set up your youtube account and upload your video.

If you prefer, Cal Coast has a $20 upgrade option where you can set up a YouTube account right then and there so that you can include your embed or link in emails, blog posts and other marketing materials. We’ll quickly show you how to do this and even add it to your designated blog post or web page should you come equipped with passwords.


Cal Coast Web Design Conference Room

22672 Lambert Ave. #612
Lake Forest, CA 92630

(Located inside the Orange County Computer Building)


Friday, December 11, 2009

Open House Hours: 1 – 4pm

***Appointments available from 9am-5pm. Please leave a comment below or contact us at 949-229-5932 x1 or


In today’s economy, your online presence MUST work effectively to bring you conversions & sales. Websites across the web are now using video, forums, interactive media and other technology to reach its customers. To allow them something refreshing form that “Sea of black.” To talk to them, put them at ease, clarify questions & concerns, and most of all, get visitors to take action

Cal Coast highly recommends you take time out to do this yourself with welcome videos, land page tutorials, FAQs, demos, testimonials and more.

Please feel free to take a look around at You’ll find videos on several of our landing pages!

Just think about it. Would you rather read all that text on a page, or cruise around while listening to all the valuable info you need to make a decision right then?

And how much MORE likely are you to click “Add to Cart” on a page that has dozens of user reviews and a testimonial near this option, than one that just had a basic description and could potential leave you with questions and confusion?

You see this all the time. Why do you think infomercials are so successful!? All those people talking about their problems, how the product addressed them and the value the consumer sees in it.

It’s simple to see the value in video, or at LEAST testimonial video.

AND …Believe it or not, your existing customers are your best salespeople. The easiest new sales come from referrals.

Act now to shoot your video testimonials to help your consumers & site visitors overcome buying hesitation!


Simply leave a comment on this blog post as an RSVP to the event either requesting an appointment or just RSVP for unknown time during open house hours.

Or, you may choose to contact us at 949-229-5932 x1 or


What You’ll Need For Your Video:

  • Come ready to share you experience with the Cal Coast Web Design team!
  • Bring your own script or outline prepared for recording.
  • Remember to dress video & web friendly. Think calming colors & patterns that wont distract or warp.
  • Remember to bring your existing YouTube account, blog, website or other online presence PASSWORDS if you wish to upgrade and have us assist you with an immediate upload!
  • Bring your consumer. – Unless you will be using Cal Coast reps as your testimonial, be sure you bring the consumer who is leaving your testimonial.

Professional Video Upgrade:

Miller Farm Media Testimonial Videos

  • $50 for the first video $25 for each video after that

What You Get:

  • Professional lighting
  • HD Video
  • Professional cameraman who can advise you on the best way to do things
  • Professional audio
  • Your contact information on the screen at the end of the video
  • Video posted to your YouTube channel in HD

Contact Us For Prices on Extras:

  • Setting up your YouTube channel
  • Adding logo to your video
  • Editing your video

*Please note that appointments for the professional testimonials package will need to be made in advance by calling 949-229-5932

Advertising is pushy; testimonials are subtly persuasive.
Let us help you subtly persuade your consumers with our video testimonials.