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Call – To – Action: Taking Your Visitors on a Conversion Journey

A call to action answers the unasked question, “That’s interesting. Now what?” Even if visitors are motivated to click into your site from its rankings or motivated by your copy once they’re there, you need to give them clear instructions on taking the next step. Otherwise, that next step might be backing up to Google’s search results page to click on the link after yours.

Calls-to-Action will take all that traffic you are getting to your website and covert them into buyers or clients! They either offer something so great and unique that the visitor MUST BUY NOW or it offers them free info or other free service in exchange for their email. In receiving an email address, you now have a lead. A large percentage of web surfers aren’t ready to buy. Their researching. When they sign up for you free newsletter, free report or other free service, you can then set them up wit your client follow up action plan. Its more likely they will contact the company that sends them convenient email updates and calls rather than starting that search over again when they are finally ready to buy.

Calls-to-action also need to do just that…call them to action. If you just have a text link mixed into your homepage text, it wont call them to action. Calls-to Action stand out form the rest of the design and draw your eye there. Its bigger, bolder text or an animated icon that moves. Strategically, there are better places on your site to position calls-to-action too. Cal Coast will help you find the best way to implement yours.

The first step is getting creative with what you can offer. You know your industry best. What do they want? You know your services best. What can you offer?

Here is a list of helpful calls-to-action we have implemented for various clients in the past:

  • Free lunch with the “Specialist”
  • COUPONS!!!!!
  • Free Packet, Disc, Book or MORE INFO of some sort
  • Win a free cruise/mortgage payment/movie tickets – Enter a raffle
  • Free custom consultation
  • Discounted price for featured product/service
  • Free Newsletter Sign Up
  • Free Report
  • Free Review
  • Free Book/Product (key chain)
  • Get A Quote
  • Contact Us (answer questions)

Refer A Friend

We encourage you to be creative and specific to your target market. Please be sure to send your thoughts over to us at so that we may begin implementing for you.

Please keep in mind that for those of you who’s hosting companies do not offer free form capabilities, extra costs will be involved for programming forms to fill out. You may bypass this extra cost by allowing visitor to send an email “with the following information” to your email address.