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What Subject Matter Experts Can Do To Drive Traffic – Cal Coaster February 2007

Cal Coast News

Cal Coast is helping small businesses make a BIG splash online.
No matter what type of business you run or how many employees you
have, a great SEO marketing plan can help to improve your online
rankings and increase traffic to your Web site. In order to help
our clients understand how well their SEO program is working, Cal
Coast has developed detailed reports that show your ranking improvement
throughout the year. While many SEO companies charge their clients
thousands to generate these reports, Cal Coast believes that as
a monthly SEO client, you are entitled to know how your SEO programming
is performing. If you’re not a monthly client, you can still
have Cal Coast develop a report for you at a minimal charge. Contact
us today at
or 949-229-5932 for more information

SEO News

In the world of SEO marketing, having a knowledgeable and professional
partner to help you optimize your Web site is one of the most
important first steps you can take. Not only should your SEO partner
understand the world of search engine optimization, but they should
also research and understand your business. When you partner with
an SEO firm, they become your Subject Matter Experts in the world
of keywords, content and links. Here are just a few things you
and your Subject Matter Experts can do to drive traffic.

1) Great content not only drives visitors to your site, but it
also helps to convert those visitors into customers. Working with
knowledgeable SEO experts can make all the difference. SEO experts
research your industry and competitors to gain Subject Matter
Expertise in your field. Then, they are able to write high-quality
content that not only appeals to search engines, but also to potential

2) Your Web site should identify you as an expert in your field.
This can be done through an array of tools such as articles, press
releases, blogs, etc. You are able to form a relationship by offering
visitors to your site a way to find out more about you and your
business or service. Providing up to date information and news
about your industry also helps to identify you as an expert.

3) Make your Web site a unique and valuable resource for visitors
by thinking about what visitors to your site need. Are there any
special tools or articles you could provide to make your visitors
invest more time in exploring your Web site or contacting you?
A good SEO partner can work with you to develop a list of tools
and features that will attract customers.

Tip of the Month

Remember that emailing your credit card number is not a safe practice.
All of us at Cal Coast encourage you to call our billing department
and speak with a representative if you prefer to pay your SEO
account via credit card. Emails are not secure and your information
can be stolen. If you have sent your credit card information via
email, do not panic. Simply delete all mail files, run a virus
scan and keep your eyes open for any odd charges to the card.

Service Info

Cal Coast is a full service SEO partner offering many services
beyond content creation and Web site optimization. We work with
clients everyday to help them develop robust online marketing
plans that will improve their Web performance. Marketing plans
also help you to outline goals for your business and work towards
them more efficiently. Cal Coast can help formulate a plan to
help improve your online marketing in 2007. Contact us today at
or 949-229-5932 to find out more about our 2007 online marketing
plans and to set up your free consultation.

From Our Clients

I could not thank Cal Coast Web Design enough for the optimizing
and continuing care of my impressive website. With such a highly
involved page intact, my business closed a solid eight deals last
year via the web! It’s safe to say that the numerous Internet
transactions accumulated well over $4.8 million in sales. My customers
are certainly pleased with how effortless the navigation is within
my site, and with your SEO assistance my page has maintained high
prestige. Thank you guys so much for incorporating my print marketing
into my website all the while continuing to add creative adlibs
to draw in even more virtual customers. It has been a pleasure
working with such a proactive and user-friendly company. You guys
truly are what every business needs!

Hugh Kice

Metro Realty
– Laguna Niguel Real Estate

Happy SEOing!


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